Back from a long lay off of yo-yoing! Need some help!

I started Yo-yoing when I was 10 and stopped like at age 12-13, I’m 19 now and for some reason I have some interest in picking it up back again… soooo I’m planning on buying a new Yo-yo to start fresh, I need some suggestions! I prefer Metal yo-yos, not yoyo jam though, something that doesn’t rust from the bearings like yoyo jam. Something not so big either. Thanks!

Whats your budget and how good are you? if your beginner/intermediate id go for something like the Onedrop rally, Yoyofactory Protostar, or the CLYW Yeti. Theres lots of options! If your budgets low, i would get yoyos like the yyf onestar, adegle psg, and yyf reply pro. Those are just some options :). Its kinda hard to recommend a yoyo with out knowing budget and skill level. Theres so many yoyos to choose from :stuck_out_tongue: If your looking for a budget metal the yyf shutter, yyf too hot, and onedrop benchmark should be good. Sorry if this is getting redundant but again theres alot of options to chose from.

Hopefully this helps! If you have any other questions be sure to search for them on the forum or make a new thread :D. Were glad to help you buddy.

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If you have a big budget try the OD Cascade, Summit, or VALOR(my personal favorite) or the G squared Aftershock and Marvel. CLYW has some really nice throws too like the Avalanche or the Puffin. Also Bi-metals are pretty nice, look into the space cowboy or VKSS. If you have a smaller budget maybe try an OD Benchmark or Downbeat. The Shu-Ta, Genesis, and CZechPoint are also some really nice yoyofactory throws.
One Drop:


G Squared:



Puffin 2


Space Cowboy
Czech Point

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Here’s some others worth looking at on the cheaper end:

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I just ordered “The Scout” from Caribou Lodge! I’m super excited like the good old days! Thanks guys!