New Metal xD


In september end I’m planing to buy a new metal yoyo. And I need help.

What yo-yo should I buy?

From 30 to 75 bucks.
Or from 20 to 53 UK money.

that one…

what yoyo’s do you currently have?

Yomega Fireball
YoYoJam Legacy
And now I’m using YYF PGM2

what tricks can you do?

what tricks can you do?
Now I’m in advanced 2. Started on May

the protostar is awesome, a plastic in a metal’s clothing.
If you really are set on a metal, the cali or y factor will do well.
and you can’t go wrong with good ol’ metal rimmed yyj’s

I think you mean a metal in a plastic’s clothing.

:stuck_out_tongue: Im so stupid sometimes…

Yuuksta, DV888, or 10 more dollars will get a Genesis.

my mini star is awesome but you have to be willing to pay 90 bucks…

California has been wicked sick to me. Or… I like my Ooch Smoove which not to suggest other sites, but you can only get it at

I don;t need Yomega :smiley:

??? HUH ???

stop thinking like that :stuck_out_tongue:
ooch smoove is different then those other knuckle biting peices of crap

Yomega Basher kinda piss me off, and I realize the irony in that statement since I used to be one, but SERIOUSLY. Their company (pay attention to this) MAKES GOOD YOYOS.

I only like the ooch smoove…IMO

no more talk of this
/end discussion

What are your preferences? If you like undersized (I am guessing no since all your throws are full sized) any fundametal would be good or a Y Factor would be excellent. For the Icon is also a good choice.

you should get the duncan metal zero

While it does play pretty smooth it is pretty responsive, and the aluminum is super cheap. My Metal Zero is already messed up beyond repair.