Considering getting back into Yoyoing after a couple year break, need some help.



I used to be on here a bunch (about 5 years ago, shoutouts to anyone who remembers me, old name was ebinballer I think…) but for some reason stopped throwing. Well it randomly crossed my mind today and remembered the insane amount of posts I made on this site so instantly decided to come here!

I sold off my most collection so now I’m just looking for some decent ones to buy. I remember I loved my Peak and Madhouse 5150, so use those as a reference point? I do have a pretty good amount to spend, so throw out any and all ideas :D!

Quick edit- Anyone know where I could get a Born Crucial Milk/2%/Cream? It was one I always wanted to get back in the day and would LOVE to get one now.

Thanks in advance, excited to get back


Welcome back! The peak is now highly sought after. Some new popular brands are CLYW, General Yo, and YoyoRecreation.


The best part about the current state of yoyoing is that you can get a decent metal yoyo for <$50 now. The YYF Shutter was just used to win Worlds and costs $45 (less with the current sale) and there are other great budget metals from Duncan, Yoyofficer and others. A little bit higher and you can get any of the One Drop Benchmark series which are amazing for $60. It’s a great way to get into (or back into) throwing.


Yoyofactory makes some great yoyos for even better prices.
Shutter is amazing, and shu-ta is a 7075 slightly tweaked version of the shutter which is also amazing.
YYF also released the horizon, a yoyo made for horizontal play for $45.
The Budget metal market is pretty great right now. I remember when I started playing, a short 2 years ago, you really could barely find metals under $90, and when you could they usually werent that great.
Now the possibilities are endless, with crazily shaped yoyos and 3d printed yoyos coming out.

(Former National 4A Champion) #5

The shutter is very popular right now. The One drop Benchmark series is also pretty good. If you have money to spend (apparently you do), I would recommend the One drop Valor. If you want to go super high end, get a YYR Draupnir, which is considered the best yoyo around(if you believe in best yoyos however). When it comes down to it, you won’t be disappointed by anything you get nowadays.


Damn, wish I would’ve kept it then!

Man, its pretty ridiculous “top tier” yoyos are going for sub 70 dollers and winning major titles, really different from back in the day! Thanks for the replies everyone, keep em up ^.^


The best yoyo on the market currently is the draupnir. I haven’t played one my myself, but I believe the community agrees!


Hmm, you seem a bit familiar… Were you one of the homebrew guys back on YYN? Anyway, welcome back! And yea, things have changed quite a bit! Anyway, if your favorite throws were the Madhouse 5150 and Peak, I would check out throws like the 54 and Code 2! Side effects just came out around 5 years ago, so they were a bit more expensive, but you can find the 54 and the Code 2 for around $45 on the BST now! Also take a look at the Anti Yo Bapezilla.2, a bit more expensive, but they rock!


I second the Bapezilla.2.

OP, I wrote a piece on it in the review section if you feel like checking it out. One note of caution though, it takes a little TLC to fix a string eating problem, but after that it’s outstanding.


Hey dude… Just got back myself… From what I’ve thrown so far…
Shutter… Fined a bead blasted… You will love it…Albatross reminds me of my first bvm … Yoyofficer has some really impressive budget metals… With that cash you could get 3 different yoyos…


There’s so many new awesome yoyos I don’t know where to start but here it goes

The bassline might be right up your ally as well since it’s a classic shape with side effects

Another fun organic throw is the Pacquiao which is super light:

That being said there’s still modern organic models now too:

There’s also some amazing budget throws that will outperform anything you’ve thrown:

And then you get into some of the more spendy stuff that rocks

Hope this helps and you can find something that interests you

Also Pauls been releasing Milk 2 prototypes so that may eventually happen
In the meantime the crazy-d is my favorite delrin:


Thanks a lot for taking the time to make this list, going through it right now :). Definately really interested in the Crazy D because of my love of Delrin throws.


If you like delrins you should definitely give some of the brands like empire sun, views, and yoyojoker a look since they make some great stuff. Yoyojoker even did a metal yoyo with aluminum body but delrin in the catch area which was cool.

Yoyojam also did the quest and revival which were great even though the quest was pretty pricey.

Finally I have to include the Rally even though it’s not delrin but it is machined and performs very well.