Suggestions on Buget metals that arent yyf

Any recommendations/suggestions on budget metals (60 or below) that aren’t yoyofactory? Nothing against them, just 80% of my collection is yyf and I want to branch out.

C3 has some cheap metals.

I’ve got a c3 token and a one drop benchmark organic. Not looking for ‘cheap’ per se, just a good budget metal. I was looking at the Duncan torque and the yoyofficer muset.
I’m looking for yoyo specific recommendations, not so much company suggestions.

aahh… well the musket and lava are really good throws, the lava grinds like crazy and the musket is just a fun pocket throw.

How about:

Yoyofficer Kilter
Yoyofficer Jaeger
Yoyofficer Lava
Yoyofficer IMP
Yoyofficer Aura
Yoyofficer Fit
Yoyofficer Crayon

C3 Level 6
C3 Dibase 2

Look at the Duncan Torque ($45).

IZM by YoYoAddict Versus, fantastic light throw
VOSUN Aethyr, a Krown-like in a bit heavier and less wide than the Krown, clearly the best yoyo for its price IMO

Duncan Torque
YOYOfficer stuff is really nice
C3 Level 6 and the Teleport
Shinwoo Zen series, the Dolphin and the Grandyo

Yomega Dash or Maverick. Undersized with high wall.

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I would grab any of the new bench marks because OD yoyo’s are amazing and the new bench marks are only $58 so with shipping it would be around $63 mabey but I think the extra $3 over your budget is worth it.

N12 (so good for the price, google it), Torque, Level 6, Lava, benchmark series

Any of the 2014 benchmarks would be the best. Second best would be the duncan torque (it’s amazing). Third would be the C3 level 6; it’s good but it’s not my type of Yoyo.

Look at this all of us are recommending him almost 27 yoyos in total. Its like giving him a list of budget metals. Just try to tell those that performs the best. I know its all preference but there are still some throws that are good

Telling him which performs best from our perspective is subjective. IMO safe Budgets that you will love is the C3 Level 6 and anything from the benchmark family. You can also go take that $60 and hit up a BST for something higher end like a Gradient or Summit.

Also, he did not let us know his level of play, or any other details about his preferences to narrow it down. That means, he’ll look at “the list” and determine from the list what might suit him. There are plenty of photos and descriptions via the store or a Google search, so he can take it from there. I figured, if he wanted us to filter out the suggestions another way, he’d specify that. So far, non-YoyoFactory within the price range, and in our opinion “good,” seems to qualify.

This you are saying is also right.

Ended up getting a Yoyofficer Lava. It’s great. I really like it a lot.
Thanks for all the suggestions everybody. I’ll keep this list handy for future purchases.

You can get the Duncan barracuda for 65 bucks right now. It’s normally a 100 plus yoyo