Budget yoyos

I would just like to know a couple of good budget metals that are not known well. I am not asking for opinions! But if you feel a yo-yo is really good feel free to give your thoughts.

The shinwoo zen line.

They have a multitude of shapes, and even one with hubstacks.

I also really like the new Duncan series. Played the raptor only, but they looks niceeeeeee.

those are the only “underrated” I can think of atm.

whats wrong with a cheap well know throw?

Nothing, it is just that I know about it, so I won’t ask about it.

Well, what kind of budget are we talking?

Why do you want it not well known? What does that matter? Also, if you’re asking for some good budget metals, you’re gonna get opinions. That’s just how it will work, like it or now. So forgive me for offering opinion, because it’s impossible to avoid it.

The Duncan Metal Drifter and the YYF JK are both in the sub $25 price. The YYF popstar is around $25. Not sure what the next step up is in price. I know that Shinwoo Zen’s are around $45 and I think the dv888 is around there too.

I have a Metal Drifter, but it’s just, well, what you’d expect from an inexpensive Duncan metal: fairly responsive. Lots of people like the Popstar and the small size makes it pocket friendly. I’m not getting a Popstar for the time being, it’s a bit too small for me. I reseve the right to change that position later. I am planning to get a dv888. Some of the Shinwoo stuff is pretty good, so I would expect that their metals would be fine too, but I might think about one of those later on. But I would think that anything over $50 is ruled out of the budget market.

But, those are all well known. And since you know about them, you won’t ask about them. And if they are not known, then we don’t know about them and therefore there’s nothing to discuss.

Surprise me. What shall we not talk about next?


The Duncan Metal Drifter is a great yo-yo for the 20 dollar range. If you want you can read my review: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=23908.msg241605;topicseen

Great throw for a cheap price.

The YYF JK plays real nice for a 25 dollar throw as well. It might feel a little bit cheaper than their usual higher end throws but it plays nice nonetheless.

Once again, the Shinwoo line has some good reputation.

But, why go with metal? Plastics and sometimes even hybrids work just as well! Broaden your horizons, it’s the player not the yo-yo.


I would recommend the pocket-sized yoyos available on the market, if you want a budget throw. Examples of which are the Popstar and the Dingo. If you are willing to pay a little more, then the Yoyofactory Fundametals would be good too.

The only reason I said that is so that people wouldnt say stuff like “posts like this are not needed, decide for yourself.”