Affordable Metals?

Anyone know of any good metals under $60?

Duncan Freehand zero or Duncan Raptor.

I’ve heard that the Zen series by Shinwoo is good. (I think all but one is $45)

dv888. you could probably find a good 100 dollar throw on the bst for only 60 or so

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I would have to say check the buy sell trade part of this forum their are many great throws being sold used in great to near mint condition that are way less then New.

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What you’re probably going to see a lot of people recommend:
B/s/t (I’d go with this first)

raptor and dv888 are both great. different, but great. it just comes down to personal preference.

Save the trouble of buying online. You can find the Duncan Metal Drifter at your local toys r’ us. It’s quite underrated in my opinion after the hype went away during the month it was released.

If you want something of higher quality then go for the Dv888. Fantastic throw, great grinder, and is small.

What Chris said. Also getting an Aoda is a great choice. You can get 2-4 metals for 50$. Everyone says they are bad and bootlegs but I have personally tried a few and they are great. As a matter of fact I just ordered myself another :smiley: