Next yoyo?

Can someone recommend a new throw for me?
So I guess I should talk about my perferences:
Prefer a yoyo thats:
not light
not big
smooth, good spin time and stablilty

compare to other yoys:
i like the shape of a dv888, x conict, one drop project
dont like the shape of yuuksta and genesis :stuck_out_tongue:

phenomism and north star are both really nice and smooth
but I prefer metals (break plastics really often)

perferably under 60 but if possible, give me some options in all price range?


I’d recommend the Duncan Raptor.

Smoothest yoyo I’ve ever thrown!

If you have a One Drop Project, uhh, you wont get much better than that because your budget’s 60 bucks.

But if you’re just looking for a new, decent, worthy throw, DUNCAN RAPTOR.

Very smooth, has very little vibe (depends on your throw), comes in multiple colors to choose from, 2 extra sets of Silicone Pad response, grinds extremely well, and has a nice laser engraving on each side of the yoyo. But no IRG though. It plays extremely well, as some pro-yoers say that it outplays all the yoyo’s in their case.

Yeah i agree with all the posts above me get the Duncan Raptor it is smooth.

Alright and just to get a few more to select from,
what would you guys recommend if its
under 80?

or just any yoyo overall that fits my description or that you would suggest for me to try?

Y-Factor sounds perfect for you. 75$ retail, but you can get it cheaper on the bst section. I pm’ed you a link.

Any yoyo around 80 bucks will serve you best, cause at that range, all yoyo’s are great.