pick one yoyo

pick wisely.

What is this for? A favorite yoyo?

If your looking for a yoyo to buy, get the protostar or northstar.

If you’re looking to buy something, I’d say Raptor out of your budget range you gave us. I’m guessing your budget is around $45.

Raptor all the way! Very smooth, almost vibeless, has 2 removable caps for different play, feel etc, 2 extra response pads. It’s a very good yoyo, heard it’s smoother than Dv888.

If you want a real poll put Raptor on there. I got it yesterday, and i LOVE IT!!! It is great.

That is exactly it, the way skeleton boy described it. ;D

every one.

i would get the dv888. i don’t dig full sized throws. Protostar after that.

If you are looking for recommendations, we need your preferences, such as preferred weight, feel, shape, response, etc.