good yoyos

what is a great yoyo for under 50 dollars im looking into some thing in that price range.

In my opinion, for $50 dollars, I would say a Hitman Pro

ProtoStar or NorthStar.

I really like my Dark Magic II.
I also really want to get my hands on a Raptor.

DV888 all the way, plays like a $100 throw

Raptor, hands down to the ground. It’s very smooth, almost vibeless, very smooth grinds, has 2 removable caps for different feel, weight, play, 2 extra sets of response pads (3 sets in total), comes in many colors and has a nice laser engraving on each side.

Dv888 is also not a bad choice, but people tend to claim that Raptor is smoother.

I have the NStar and its awesome, the Protostar is great too, and although i dont have one, the Raptor is amazing, I threw it at a contest and it is so smooth and awesome, although it is a tad bit responsive but that goes away with time

my friend wrote a review/tested the raptor, he said he had some very noticeable vibe. never tried it myself, I will next weekend

i vote DM2

Yes I forgot to state that many people said that it has no vibe, but I also do notice some vibe. But with a good throw, 9 out of 10 throws will have no vibe. But yes, if you just throw it “un-focused”, it will vibe.

Just that many people say that it has no vibe, and I (and you hadoq) that I know of, knows that Raptor has a noticable vibe. Should’ve added that to my post.