I am looking for recommendations similar to the Northstar

I recently purchased a Northstar and a DM2, and I have to admit that I like the Northstar more than the DM2 - it’s more stable, binds easier, and sleeps longer. I am not sure if it’s because it’s plastic or what, but I know I enjoy playing with it more. I should also note that I am a returning veteran after 11 years, and my favorite yo-yo back in the day was a Yomega Saber Raider.

Does anyone have any suggestions to other yo-yos I might like? I don’t think I will be getting a Protostar, unless wildly recommended, but any other suggestions would be great!

1st: Price range?
and Similar to a northstar (as in like the identical shape, just different weight) are the protostar and starlite.

I would prefer the price range to be under or around $50, and I do not want to get a protostar or starlite. I was hoping to venture out a little more, but still get the same great feel and play. The weight is ok, but I wouldn’t want to play anything heavier.

some great throws for under $50: speeder 2, dv888 and raptor. those might not be the shape you want but theyre great. (out of those the raptor is probably the closest to the northstar).

also try the YYF counterattack- the stats are very similar to the northstar (same weight and diameter, but the counter attack has a smaller gap width)
the YYJ newbreed also has similar stats, its just 1 gram lighter

Darn, 50 bucks. Cause Rockstar could be the perfect yoyo for you but it’s too expensive. Rockstar has the same shape as the Protostar in which case identical to the Northstar.

And if you’re going under 50$, I would LIKE to recommend the Raptor. Yes all of you guys knew it.

Reasons? It’s smooth, has very little vibe, plays very well overall, handles everything nicely, comes in many colors, comes also with 2 extra sets oF Silicone SG Pads, has 2 removable caps.

It has a nice shape, fits nicely in your hand. Gets through tricks easily including tight gaps.

I was waitin’ for you to come in and recommend the raptor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a Dv888

I really liked the raptor when i tried it and the SR71 was great. I have to say the DV888 was the best of those three.

The protostar was da bomb though. Cant believe you dont want it.

It’s not that I don’t want the protostar, I have just read that it is really similar to the northstar, and I would be better off trying to venture out a little more. Thanks for the recommendations! DV888 is definitely on my radar, but I will start looking at the Raptor and the rest of the recommendations. Thanks guys!

raptor over the dv888 anyday for me… but how bout you look into the shinwoo zens they have lots of differant shapes you can probley find one you want ~$45

My amazing wife has let me purchase a DV888 and a Protostar. It was a tough decision, but I am looking forward to seeing how both of these play, especially compared to the DM2 and the Northstar. I still might pick up a Starlite and one of the Zens in the future. In fact, I probably will! I will let you guys know how they play when they get here! Thanks!