north star or something else.?

what do you guys think of the north star or something maybe in the 20 to 45 dollar range need advice. ???

You should check out the section with yo-yo reviews to see if someone has done a review on it. There is also lots of advice in the child-board on help and recommendation for different kinds of yo-yos.
The YYJ Hitman is a nice metal/plastic yo-yo for about $40, and the Duncan Raptor costs about the same but is all metal and is amazing as well. Everyone has different opinions. :wink:

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Raptor all the way. Very smooth, almost vibeless, has 2 extra sets of response pads, great for grinding, comes in many colors and has a nice laser engraving on the sides. 2 removable caps are also included for different feel and weight.

Dv888 is another choice, but people claim that Raptor is smoother. Neither are a bad choice.

One thing to consider if buying a raptor is that it comes responsive, so you need to be prepared to clean the bearing or buy a new one.

Both the Raptor and the NStar are really smooth and great yoyos… If you want big go for the NStar, but if you want something on the lighter side (for my tastes) then go for the Raptor… You cant go wrong

Well if you’re interested in the northstar but it seems too heavy the protostar or starlight are perfect.

Yeah, you gotta clean the bearing or swap it with another bearing for the Raptor.

But one thing about cleaning the bearing on the Raptor because it’s steel not stainless. So if you’re gonna risk it rusting, it’ll most likely rust pretty badly. But my rusty bearing works perfectly fine and unresponsive.

duncan raptor or dv888 both are good… no great yoyo!!!.. cause i have both and i change the bearing with a concave…just choose one :smiley: :smiley: ;D :smiley: :wink:

Well if you’re interested in the northstar but it seems too heavy the protostar or starlight are perfect.

I was wondering what you guys thought about the north star im thinking about gettin it is is good for newer yoyoers.

thanks those helped alot ill look into the raptor.

skip the northstar and get an SR-71, the only quality of a plastic is has is the sound

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Yes, as long as you can bind. If you can’t bind yet, I’d recommend one of the $15 yoyojams.