New YoYo


Which yoyo should I get for up to 40 dollars? (Unresponsive)


I vote for protostar, go neon


Yea. For 40, I vote protostar. JK if you want a metal.


My vote goes to proto or northstar.


Protostar Neon :slight_smile:


Sure, the Protostar and Northstar would be good options. I have a Protostar and have a Northstar heading my way right now. I can’t wait to try it out.

Getting CLOSE to that number without going over, the full metal Raptor by Duncan might be an option as well. I don’t have one but I hear good things about it. $39.99 and in stock at YYE right now.

Just saying… you gots options. However, I don’t know if you have to do the typical Duncan funk to get it to play dead unresponsive(clean the bearing and remove a sticker…)


JK or Proto/NorthStar.

If you save a bit more Raptor or Dv888.


I would probably go for the new YYF, the Star Bright. I have never tried one, but it seems almost just as good as the ProtoStar for about half of the price. Plus, YYE says it is most likely going to be the last and first time that YYF makes that yoyo, so it makes sence to get one now, while there will be many other oppurtunities to get a ProtoStar in the future.

(WildCat23) #9



Only downside to the Starbrite is the weight. I’d be worried it wouldn’t have the spin time to keep up with its big brothers. But I’ve never played one, this is pure SPECulation (see what I did there).

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How about a G5 off the forum? It was my first serious yoyo, wow I loved it.


I refuse to provide a RESPONSE(see what I did there). Not that it has any bearing(I did it again) on anything. I just don’t want to string(I did it yet again) people along.


Alright, this is spinning (See what I did thar?) out ofcontrol.
Let’s roll (I did it again!) this along to the “Puns Inlilving Tires” thread because I don’t want to tug (and again!) on any strings (ok, I’ll stop) with the other people reading this thread




I personally like the Northstar.


my recommends are: Protostar, Northstar, JK, Popstar, or Grind Machine. The JK is metal which is nice for a $25 yoyo same with the Popstar but the jk probably wont sleep quite the same amount as a Protostar or Northstar (which are both plastic) and the Popstar is small so its not a great choice for beginners but is still awesome, and the GM is light but has hubstacks.


I vote raptor, being that I own a raptor and protostar. You can’t really go wrong with either one and they are both great.

@Studio-no you dont have to do the usuall duncan funk, hehe. It has silicone responce and I am not sure if it comes with a slim bearing or resoposive or not. I got to try one at tn states, loved it and am getting on very very soon.


The Raptor has silicone response pads which are nice (so don’t remove them!), but you do have to clean the bearing. They come responsive out of the box, but after the bearing is cleaned, they’re perfect. I’ve done this for all of the neighborhood kids that buy Raptor’s.


Starlight plus strings, it is a mid weight protostar, and you need string so why not.


Raptor added to my want list!