Duncan Raptor or YYF Protostar

I’ve narrowed the search for a new yoyo down to a Duncan Raptor and a YYF Protostar. I would like to know the Pros and Cons of each yoyo and your personal experience with each yoyo. If you have tried one of these yoyos please comment below about if you feel about it. Thanks guys!

i would go with protostar, it is a plastic, but hear its amazing! i actually still havent tried either of these, but know a lot about them. i think the proto cracks, but the raptor is metal, so it will just ding… the raptor also has caps, you can try playing with them in or out, and see which one feels better for you.

sooooo many people love the protostar as much as a $70+ high end throw, i would go with that

Raptor all the way. I have actually tried both of them, and the Raptor is way better. All the Protostars I’ve tried had a significant vibe, while my Raptor is dead smooth. To put it in comparison: I feel the Protostar performs like its price, a $35 plastic; while the Raptor performs like an $80 yoyo.

Raptor. I had one for a while and it played really well, it just wasn’t for me.

I remember when I was struggling between this choice.

Then I got the Raptor.


Dead smooth and amazing anodize

Raptor is an amazing yoyo, much better than the protostar in my opinion. Only down side is it has sharp edges.

I have tried both of them. Believe me, Raptor is much better, it’s smooth, unresponsive and have a long spining time.
In my own opinion, Protostar isn’t worth its price as much as the Raptor does. :wink:

Allow me to be the sixth person to say, “GET THE RAPTOR!!!”

Honestly, it isn’t even close. While my ProtoStar was not broken, I really did enjoy it, but I REALLY enjoy my Raptor. I mean, if your decision is ever between a plastic and a metal, go with the metal. And this is super easy because the metal is only $5 more!

Protostar definitely. I mean sure the raptor is metal but I rarley find a metal that is extremely good under $50. In fact the only metals I have that are under 50 are god tricks cyclone and god tricks destiny. Those are actually a couple dollars cheaper than the raptor and play much better. But I still would go with the protostar because it’s just like the northstar but two grams lighter. Anyway, goodluck.


As For an opinion from someone who’s used both… Theyre both nice but different. The proto is louder and has a plasticy feel but pretty good sleep time. The raptor is a nice metal so it really is like comparing apples and oranges but i feel the raptor plays really well and is just a really fun speedy organic throw! I have one in my very exclusive collection lol… So I’d definitely say a raptor

What your preference? Do you like H shape or organic shape?

Sooo after seeing this thread I pulled out my old green Raptor and started playing. It was AMAZING, but then again I don’t have any high end throws, but the Raptor is AMAZING. But then I realized why I stopped playing it stripped the axle. The Raptor’s axle is easy to strip.

I say it is up to you the Raptor is AMAZING but the axle strips easy, I haven’t tried the protostar yet but I heard it is good but not AMAZING :wink:

woah woah, calm down bro.

I honestly like the feel of the Protostar more than that of the Raptor, but the Raptor is metal and grindable so if you like grinds Raptor all the way.

IMO the Protostar is more of a player than the Raptor, but Tomas Bubak did win EYYC with the Raptor so I guess they’re both players. The Raptor is probably the more durable of the two because of all that crap about the Protostar cracking and stuff but I’ve never had a problem with the Northstar/Protostar/Any Plastic cracking on me so honestly just dont overtighten.

Hope this helped!

What do you mean?

This whole thread was made because he doesn’t know what to spend his money on.

He wants people to tell him what the best yoyo to spend money on is.

He is only doing what the guy asked.

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After reading through some of the responses, I’ve finally decided to buy a brand new Raptor. Thanks guys!

Good choice. Try different bearings to enhance ur new throw