new yoyo suggestion

i have a hitman which i have had for about 1 1/2 to 2 years and i think it is about time to go about getting some new yoyo(s) right now i am on the end of advance part 1 and yes i know how to bind if you have any other suggestions please try to keep them under 50 bucks thank you very much

A true upgrade from the HM is going to run you a lot more than $50. If you’re just looking for new stuff to try out, I recommend going to a contest or club meet if possible and trying stuff out…it’s a lot cheaper.

DTI Beast is an awesome throw for $50

The pgm is the best throw I have IMO… And better yet it’s only $30

It sleeps great, is nice and stable and handles all my string tricks and whips with ease

I think you forgot about the raptor. Dv888 is a great competitor against the Raptor but the Raptor seems to be more smooth on the string. It also comes with extra response silicone pads or replacement. The grinds on a Raptor are also as good as a Dv888.

The thing about the Raptor though is that its bearing is heavily lubed. This makes it semi responsive out of the box. BUT, if you clean the bearing and/or lube it with some thin lube, you’ll hit dead unresponsive and will handle any trick you throw at it.

If you really have to choose either one that you’ve listed, I say Dv888. My Protostar seems to vibe a tad more than the metals.

what yoyos do you like? If you like a full sized yoyo try to get the raptor it is a good alumunium yoyo.

thanks i was originally looking at the dm2 and the dv888 but because of all the votes for the protostar and the dv888 i think i will go with them but in time i may end up getting all of them i will leave this open for further votes