Which Yoyo Should I Get?

I’ve been throwing my DV888 for a while and I’m in the mood for something new to throw. My budget is between 40 and 50. If you have other suggestion please by all means make them.

are u looking for a better playing more advanced yoyo or just another good yoyo to add to the collection

better playing more advanced i want to continue improving :stuck_out_tongue:

All the yoyo’s you’ve listed aren’t more advanced that Dv888. By the way, Dv888 can take you up and beyond master level. So are you up to master level? And, also, with the $40-$50 budget, Dv888 is one of the best you can get. Also Raptor. But they play the same and I don’t think you need to step up until you become good enough that your yoyo can’t hold it, and when you get a higher budget.

And I’m pretty sure with a good strong throw, anything is possible with the Dv888.

for 50 flat u can get a bassboost and that really it i cant find anything in that range that is better

HM pro,it rules. I love my protostar too and it can take you anywhere.
I would take the HM if you like undersized rim weighted yoyo’s. IMO it is better then the DM 2

one drop Dingo is 50$

Aaah yes, didn’t notice. Before, the $50 Dingo was sold out leaving the over $60 Dingo.

I would get that. If you really want a new great yoyo, Dingo is the way to go. But I really reccomend you stick with the Dv888 until you get a higher budget. Cause, once you get a higher budget, you would have a bit more skill, and more suitable for more expensive yoyo. BTW, it would be cool to buy a 100$ yoyo than, now, getting a 50$ yoyo. Just IMO.

But Dingo of course is EPIC. NO doubt.

Hitman Pro is the yoyo to get. I prefer it over any yoyo I have EVER played with. I don’t know why, but I love it.