best yoyo for $40-$50?


Right now I have a yoyofactory whip, and it’s alright but I’m looking for something to take me a little bit further. I’m willing to spend around $40-$50, and right now I’m thinking either the dm2 or the dv888 what do you think? which is better? or is there something else you would recommend?

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duncan echo or raptor. i just got a raptor and it is amazing. after you clean the bearing of course. any of the zen by shinwoo series are good too. i guess its all down to what you want in a yoyo ranging in the 40-50 price range i mean there are so many out there.


I think both the Dv888 and the DMII are great yoyos. You really can’t go wrong with any of these. The DMII is kind of large and heavy, and the DV888 is small and not very heavy (compared to each other). They’re both great.


Shinwoo Zen Series yoyo. You can get all shapes just by going through their zen series.


I’ve got a DM2. I just ordered and should be getting a dv888 within a few days.

Personally, despite everything else i have, my preferences is the DM2. I don’t think the dv888 is going to take the top spot any time soon.

There’s lots in that range. It really depends what you want. I’m not sure of any plastics in the $40-50 range though, but that’s because I can’t pay attention to everything. I know the Northstar and Protostar are like $35 each, so that’s below your lower target range.

Are you looking for all metal? Bi-Metal? Specific features? You’re upgrading from a Whip, so regardles of what you’re going to get, the odds are it’s going to be heavier, which you’l notice at first then not care about as you notice your longer spin times and stability.

Other items in that range are the Speeder 2, which is fast yoyo. You might not like it yet, but you would in time.

I still recommend the DM2, and if you’re going for a bi-metal, that might be the way to go. If you’re going full metal, there’s still lots of options. You’re kind of at the lower range of the metal marketplace, but don’t like that bother you. Even at “low end of the cost spectrum”, there is some great stuff there. Already mentioned are some fantastic models that perform fantastic at the prices they are offered at. And I’m not talking “well, it’s lost cost so it ain’t that great”. No, I’m actually saying that even at the low end, you are getting fantastic performers that should last you a good long time.

Also, because people forget about this:
String wear out and need replacing. Get bulk strings when you order a yoyo, preferably the 100-count 100% poly. This may be the time to get replacement responses for your new yoyo too. My logic is I’m already paying for shipping, might as well cram a few other items in there I’m going to need as well. So, keep that in mind for your budget. No sense in buying a yoyo if you can’t get it to you. The accessory purchases I recommend so you don’t pay extra for shipping later.


i recommend the protostar… :wink:


I sort of agree, I enjoy proto and northstars a lot.

I have heard nothing but good things about the Zen series, but have yet to try ant of them myself.

Nothing wrong with a DM2, they play very well. If you wanted to stretch an extra $5, I think the Di Base looks awesome, and I plan on getting one somewhere down the road.

Just look around and see what looks good to you, chances are, you’ll like whatever you get.


The $40 to $50 range will offer you a lot of nice throws from many manufacturers. If you are really making a choice between the DMII or Dv888, either one will be an excellent choice. They are two completely different types of yoyo however. Before making your decision you need to ask yourself what you are looking for in your the next throw. The Dark Magic II is considerably larger as it is a full size yoyo. It is an outstanding choice if you are looking for a throw which will give you a chance to expand your repertoire of tricks. It comes with two bearings for responsive and unresponsive play. The Dark Magic is of course the throw André is using in almost all of his tutorials here on YYE. The DMII has a different response system and might have a slightly different weight than his, but they remain much the same throw.

The DV888 is an fine choice as well. It is an undersized yoyo 50.04 mm compared to DMII’s 56.13 mm. It’s an all metal product of course while the DMII is bi-metal. I am going to say the DV888 might required a bit more experience than the DMII, but that may just be me. My DV888 is a ton of fun to play with, I enjoy it a great deal. But if I’m am working on learning a new trick I’ll be picking up my DMII first.

As already mentioned YYF’s Northstar and Protostar are a couple of great products within your price range. I am also going to throw a plug in for Duncan’s Raptor, that is a wonderful return top as well. Listen, don’t sweat over which to choose to long. Any one of the throws mentioned so far in this thread would be a product you will be thrilled to own.


Since you already have a Whip, you can use that to help get a feel for what size of yoyo you want. If you want something larger, go with a Protostar or DMII. If you want something about the same size, go with the Raptor (my favorite). Or if you want something smaller, go with the DV888.

He’s right. I’m sure you’ll really like whatever yoyo you pick. Just find one that you think looks nice and go with it.


Right now, I’m “If I like it, I buy it”. But I have to shop by eye. I look for variety and variation. Costs are a concern as well. Hey, we aren’t all made of money! THen again, I like everything I have as everything brings something different to the yoyo experience.

The best part is the OP has a budget spelled out. But does that budget mean “yoyo only”? Is shipping factored in? How about replacement responses? Honestly though, responses tend to last a a good while, so that shouldn’t be a Day 1 priority, but I figure if I’m buying a yoyo, I’ll get response pads too since I won’t have to pay more for shipping. Need lube? Now is the time to get it. Strings? Every purchase is a good reason to get strings!

However, if the yoyo is compatible with flowable or other silicone products(gasket ones seem popular), then response pads might not be necessary if you want to “DIY”. You can make your own strings if you want it, if you’re pressed and have the right materials. Lube? Well, there are options. Either way, someway, somehow, these items are just extra costs one way or another., it can’t be avoided, only delayed, but perhaps minimized.


Just so the OP knows, the Raptor comes with extra response pads. You won’t need to buy extras right away.


wow thanks guys! all of these are really helpful. I think I am going to go with the dm2 because I’m still learning and from what I’ve seen and heard that’s the best one to learn new tricks and improve your all-around skills.


either a b grade foxland prescion katz meow or a foxland precision foxtail or any of the other yoyos metioned above


raptor or echo definetly

i actually prefer raptor over echo


I would say raptor but i going to have a chance to play my friends DMII and it might change what i have to say.


instead of crowding up the forum section im gonna ask here, what is the best yoyo for 40-50 bucks? 'cause that was the initial question and im looking at the dv888. i already have the dmII and so i was dissapointed to see the thread was between dv888 and dmII.

i just want some poeple to stear me in the right direction. and also im not a beginner, im more in the expert prt2/master range


Raptor, Echo, or any yoyo from the Zen line by shinwoo. All of them i have heard mostly good from others but out of those i have only tried the raptor and it was great once I cleaned the bearing.


also what happened to the protoge? i really liked that one and thought about getting it


You could probably snag a really good deal off the BST. I’ve seen Geneses and the like go for as little as $35, in relatively good condition.

Barring that, I’d save an extra $5 and snag a Di Base.


i would but they’re sold out