good yoyo 40-50$

Hey guys and girls so trying to find a yoyo for my friend. I got him a pop star for xmas but he’s been have alot of difficulty learning tricks because the pop star isn’t ment to be a first yoyo. So I need some Ideas for agood beginner yoyo between 40-50$.

Thanks 8)

DM2, SFX (I’m very much in love with this throw), Duncan Raptor, and ShinWoo Zen5 are all great throws in that price range. They all come either responsive or w/ a slim bearing that will make it responsive so it will make it easier for him to learn.

I’d definitely recommend a DV888. Amazing play at an equally amazing price point.

DM2 Is a really good starter. Easy to catch on string, interchangable responsive and unresponsive bearing. It also looks really nice.

Another common one is the DV888, but I don’t think of that as a good starter. It’s undersized so learning tricks will be harder. It is really good for it’s price though, so something to consider.

Thanks guys thoughs are some great ideas :smiley:

Duncan Raptor all the way to the ground stuck. Very smooth, almost vibeless, has 2 removable caps for different weight, feel, play, 2 extra sets of response pads, vrey smooth on grinds, comes in many colors.

Dv888 is also very good, but people claim that Raptor is smoother.

leaning toward sfx and raptor