I want a learning throw and top performance throw


The only throw i have right now is a duncan metal drifter because that was the only metal yoyo they had at toysrus. It’s a good throw but i want something smaller to help me learn (popstar, jk) and something for top performance (dm2)
Shouls i get these or do you suggest something different?

Ps. I am not willing to spend more than 60 dollars on a yoyo… Yet.


I am also considering the dv888 2011 for learning


$60 and under can still get you a lot.

How about you split the difference:

You’ve no doubt read countless praises of the Dark Magic II. It’s a great LEARNING yoyo and can take you all the way to competitive play, although apparently this yoyo has fallen out of favor in the competition circuit, it doesn’t mean it’s outdated, it’s just that people are using other stuff.

Think about it:
For $42, you get 2 bearings. A half spec bearing for starting off(which you’re probably past anyways) and a full sized C-bearing for your advanced play. This yoyo can take you as far as you want to go. So, one throw gives you everything you could possibly need or want. Less out of pocket.

Otherwise, spending say $42 on a DM2, and another $45 on a dv888(I just ordered one and it’s on the way right now) and then a cheap plastic like a Lyn Fury(cheap being low cost) or a Protostar or a Northstar(one on the way as well), well, now you’re spending over $100 on throws. PLUS, don’t forget strings, responses and lube, you’re getting up there. You’re keeping your SINGLE item purchase to less than $60, but over all you’re paying over $108 or more all said and done.

I was having a PM discussion with another user who kinda came up with a good idea that maybe more of us should consider, especially us new throwers:
Gave a good plastic, bi-metal and a full metal. That’s enough variety to really get started. Not that it’s necessary.

Ever since I got my DM2, I haven’t gotten bored with it in the least. I’ve gotten plenty of others, which every single one I enjoy, but the DM2 is what I keep coming back to for my primary play. I also throw tons of other stuff too, but again, the DM2 is my primary yoyo of choice.

I won’t argue your logic behind sizes. I see it this way:
Over-sized to learn, small to refine.

There’s so many lines of thoughts on how to go and what models to get.

I say since you’re considering the DM2, consider the DM2 to learn on and for top performance. It’s two throws in one. Or one throw with multiple purposes. It is a good place to start, it’s a good one to stay with and it’s a good one to take you to the top if you want to.

Other people will try to tell you about other good models, with most likely people are going to steer you to the Duncan Raptor as a choice. Regardless of what they suggest, PLEASE do read it completely. While their opinion may agree or clash with mine, it’s just that: opinion. It’s valid information worthy of a read and consideration.

I know I’ve talked a bunch of people into DM2’s and I’ve gotten nothing but “thank yous” as a result. But then again, it’s popular and for the most part well received. I’m very glad I pretty much started on it.

However, to help us:
What are your goals?

For example, my goals do not involve competitive play. Performance is minor but something I want to be able to do due to part of my agenda to introduce yoyos to kids in schools as an alternative activity. My main objective is just to have a relaxing hobby where I can throw combos and keep myself entertained. I also intend to learn all 5 major styles, although true competence with each is not a necessary objective. 4A and 5A are two that I’m very interested in after 1A. 2A is something I want to be able to do basics with, and 3A only needs to involve a few tricks.


It depends on what you mean by learning. I’m sure almost every yoyo can do most, if not all, of the tricks in the book. Look at the protostar; 33 dollars, all plastic, and from the video, he can do a lot of sh*t with it.

I would say get a DM2, or a Dv888. I only have those 2, but they are really fantastic. The Dv888 is all metal, small, and is extremely smooth on the surface. It’s also great for grinding. The Dm2 is larger, plastic/metal, and it’s really just a solid yo-yo.

Really, you can just get one of those to satisfy both the learning and top performance. The Dm2 comes with a small bearing so it’s tug-responsive, and a large bearing for unresponsive, so it might be easier to learn on at first.

Don’t really worry about which one though, any way you go will probably end up being a great choice.


You will end up liking whatever you end up playing with the most. As you play, you learn how to give the right commands to your specific yo-yo. Find a color you like, and pull the trigger.

I would recommend the Protostar (and some yellow CBC pads).

And maybe a fixed-axle looper, just to keep you humble (and let you learn 2A basics).



learning: protostar
performance: anything by yoyorecreation


If you like small or undersized, get the Hitman Pro, the price is almost the same with DM2 and you also got two bearings.


I don’t think the popstar and jk are that great for helping you learn. I’ve owned both of those. They’re fun to play with, but I mainly just used them when I was heading out somewhere and wanted to bring a small yoyo with me in case I had a few spare minutes to throw.

When you’re starting out, I think the best learning yoyo is the one that you want to play with the most. I think you’ll be fine with just getting a single nice yoyo that you like a lot. My favorite yoyo in your price range is the Raptor (if you’re willing to clean the bearing). The Protostar would also be a good choice. If you got either of these, I don’t think you’d need to get a 2nd cheaper yoyo right away.

Although if you ended up choosing the DV888, you will probably be happy with it as well. It’s a nice yoyo too (but for <$60 metal, I just like the Raptor more).