Which yoyo should i get

Just wondering which one i should get my budget is 50 dollars.

One Drop Dingo ALL the way.


Oh yeah, forgot to mention. If you’re not choosing Dingo for any reason, the Duncan Raptor is the way to go. I think the Raptor can eve be par to the Dingo.
Raptor is very smooth, almost vibeless, 2 removable caps for different weight and feels, 2 extra silicone pads (3 in total), comes in many colors and has a nice laser engraving. It’s not undersized but it can snuggly fit in your hand, prefect size for me.

Dv888 is another choice but people have claimed that Raptor is smoother etc. Neither of them are a bad choice.

Just wondering but has anyone tried the new yoyo from Shen Zhou called Battle Axe. Because i am thinking of getting that and the new yoyofactory One

wow thats freaky i ordered the battle axe yoyo and im ordering a yyf one tommorow lol… im good freinds i guess with the person who made those and he is so nice and awesome. trust me its a high quality yoyo and for 30 bucks its amazing.

but a dv888 or a raptor ima go with raptor

Yes, I have to go with the Raptor or Dingo.

Sorry I said this twice.

Yeah i will probably buy the Raptor or i might wait till Monday to get the Dingo