New Yo'Yo Time! Suggestions?

Hey all, im ready for a new yoyo and was hoping you’d be able to offer me some help.

I was looking at metal yoyo’s but if you think better LmK.

I want something unresponsive, with good weight, and a long spin. Im not scared to silicone and clean bearings. The wife is buying it as a Bday present so something between $60-$90. Lets hear it! thx!

im looking at thing like:

YYJ Dark Magic II
Shinwoo GrandYo

dv888 is awesome so is the dark magic you wouldn’t be disappointed with either. just go with whatever one you think is the coolest you cant go wrong!

I’ll recommend the duncan metropolis, which has quickly become one of my favorite yoyos ever.

It has a fairly unique shape, but still plays great. It’s super stable and has quite a bit of spin time. It’s not the absolute smoothest yoyo you’ll ever own, but it’s still pretty smooth.

i was just informed that my budget is actually $60-$90, so bring it on!

NEw List of maybe’s

Shinwoo GrandYo
YYF Yuuksta
YYF Genesis
YYF SuperNova
C3YoYoDesign Capless

based on nothing but looks :slight_smile:

In that case, check out the c3 dark sonic. It’s $100, but it is AMAZING. It’s super stable, one of the best horizontal yoyos on the market, and is EXTREMELY smooth. Like crazy smooth.

You can’t go wrong with C3YoYoDesign :]

I was going to recommend the sOMEThING FIRMY but I think with the price point you’re giving us, there’s a lot more nicer yoyos out there.

Anyway, you may want to focus on a C3YoYoDesign yoyo.

C3YoYoDesign Di Base
YYF Dv888
YYF Genesis

Supernova. 'Nuff Said

With a budget of $90, the One Drop Burnside becomes a reasonable choice as well.

Many of the other choices are good as well. I can’t see any bad choices.

I will only say one bad thing. I had a Metropolis that is way at Duncan being examined. It was eating strings. This is too bad because I generally liked the play and shape. Hopefully they’ll wear down that bearing seat area or send me a new one. Either option is fine.

I’d highly recommend the Genesis in that price range.

@Studio - your “favorite trick” made me lol.

A.Y.C.E 'nuff said

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You can bind, right?

I recommend the Capless. I’ve also heard incredible things about Yeah3’s.