New Yoyo Opinions

I’m looking for a new yoyo that I can play around with at home. I’m not in any important competitions or anything, just a yoyo that will help me advance to Expert and Master level tricks.
Here are my parameters…

Budget: $60
Type: Metal or BiMaterial Unresponsive
Trick Type: 1A

I also previously own a DM2 that is broken, so maybe I might consider buying a new one.

C3 Capless is the best for its price

Do you have any preferences?

I liked the DM2 a lot. Definetly something that will be great for learning more expert tricks like Seasick, Whips, and Grinds

If you can do $10 more you can try out the new YYF Chechmate for Vashek Kroutil (CZM84VK).
Otherwise you’re in the DV888 or 2.0 market.

I also started with a DM2 for my first unresponsive. My second was the DV888 and I loved it. Never thought I’d ever need to buy another yoyo. Now I have almost 80.

Get out…
Get out now while you still can :wink:

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What is the pros of a DV888

Cheap and durable. Other than that, not really that much.

Capless, dv888, maybe caferacer. It wouldnt bebad if u got another dm2 either, you could just get another speed bearing as well since u lost it

Why haven’t I been hearing anything about the hour recently? I always heard it was better than the DV888.

the czech mate has grabbed my attention but yea the aqua dv888 is good so my friend says, which he can do all the tricks on it that you’re describing.


It’s very reasonably priced ($45-$50) for an all metal yoyo. It’s very stable and quick. It’s an undersized, though - only 50mm diameter. The Capless is a fullsized yoyo at 56mm, but a little over your price range (but only by $8).

How long will the Capless C3 Spin on the string?

Also does it come with extra strings or any extra accessories?

Is it a loud bearing?

Can it be taken apart (Just to be safe)?

Can you link me some reviews of the yoyo?

Is it durable to withstand constant play?

Do yourself a favor and get the C3yoyodesign Capless. Best performance for the money- $65.

Spin time doesn’t depend on the yoyo, it depends on the person throwing it. It you have a good throw, that’s all that matters. Someone who has a good throw could get a better spin time with some cheap piece of junk than someone with a super expensive yoyo. The Capless can spin for minutes upon minutes, that is if your throw is good. Get what I’m saying?

I’ve heard excellent things about the One Drop Dingo, I’ve been considering one, but I have good yoyos for now and just don’t need one right now. It fits your parameters, it goes literally a few bucks over the price range, though.

Its huge, thats probably why.

Id say the C3 Di base, capless or Di base 2.

Capless all day.

It plays like a beast. Has a wonderful feel and sound. Some of the best anodization on the market today… (2nd only to MonkeyFinger in my opinion)… Spins for days.

It has a shiny finish, so grinds are sub-par. Other than that… it is amazing. The gap on this throw is absolutely gigantic… Makes it perfect for intricate and knotty play with multiple string wraps. The extra large gap also gives binds a little “lag” if you know what I mean. I prefer laggy binds, so this makes it perfect for me.

I can not recommend this yoyo enough. C3 is such an amazing company.

I suggest a C3 Capless, Werrd Hour, Yoyojam Theory, or C3 diBase.

Di Base!