Help me decide on a metal throw!

I am in the market to be purchasing a good cheap metal yoyo. Currently I have been using a Dark Magic II and Protostar with very satisfying play. They were definitely a step up from my YYF whip. :wink:

So my chooses in the “cheap” market are the C3 Token and the Dv888.

I will eventually like to own both, but I’m torn which one to get first. I love te price of the Token better obviously, and I love the black and red splash color scheme, although I know the Dv888 is probably going to be a better quality better balanced throw. I love the red one too.

So what do you think? :slight_smile:

My go to affordable metal yoyo recommendation is always the C3 Capless. Its truly beast.

The DV888 was my first all metal, get it. I’m not a fan of yyf anymore but that will always be one of my favorite yoyos.

You have to ask yourself do you want a very small YoYo (token) or just a regular undersized YoYo {dv888} token is a lot of fun as well as the dv888. It’s just a matter of preference.


The token is good, but it is more of a pocket throw. The DV888 is great, but quite boring.

Well, the token is somewhat smaller than the DV888. I like my DV888 but it’s up to you.

Definitely get the DV888 before the Token. The Token is more of a novelty yoyo than an actual player.

But I’d consider the Protostar to be better than both of them. I’m going with James’ suggestion of the Capless.

Why is what this guy said so true?

Out of all my throws, the DV888 seems the most boring. It’s true.

I have a DV888 and love it, but note that it’s pretty heavy for it’s size. That combined with a huge gap space makes it hard to bind if it’s losing spin time, at least that’s what I find. Still, if it’s an undersized throw you want, get a DV888. It plays super solid.

Because the Capless performs phenomenally for the price.

Capless is better than DV888. Also the One Drop Cafe Racer is awesome.

Capless is great at any price, and the low price tag makes it all the better.

Token “can” be played, but they’re right that it’s not destined to be anyone’s daily throw. The small size means it’s not particularly stable or long-spinning. Relatively speaking of course… it spins plenty long to get me through any combos I throw at it.

But between the Capless and Token there’s just no discussion.

In point of fact, your DM2 is going to outperform the Token also. Easily. All day every day. :wink:

So if it has to be only between the dv888 and Token, get the dv888.

Go for a DiBase. Costs about $55 and worth every penny (and then some). Smooth, quiet, weight ring option, not too big, not too small, plays great.

FG Avalanche and Capless are both pretty nifty.