DV888 > C3 Token

Just got my c3 token in the mail, and I gotta say I am quite disappointed in its performance compared to my dv888.
I guess I should have seen this coming from a $20 throw, but I had heard good things about the token.
It feels like a cheap piece of metal.
The feel of it leaving my hand just feels all wrong, the weight distribution is far worse than the dv888. I found that this throw is very unpredictable on binds, sometimes it will shoot back to my hand with intense speed, other times in will crawl and barely make it back to my hand.
… That’s about it…

i have to disagree with that,
i think the token plays better than a dv888. i have tried the dv888 and it was boring and not to task but the token shine some light and was beast at every trick also make techincal tricks even easier.

but all of us have diffrent prefrences and i choose a token over a dv888 any day!

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There’s no comparison. Whoever led you to believe they were the same “kind” of yoyo did you a disservice. I don’t know where it’s coming from but somehow people are making these Token comparisons lately…

The Token is a great little throw! But it’s not meant to compete with “standard” throws (even undersized ones). It’s a pocket throw even if it’s a little too big for some pockets. It’s going to have pocket throw characteristics. It’s going to be unforgiving of bad string hits, it’s going to tilt quickly, and because it has high weight concentrated in a small space, it’s going to feel like a rock on a string.

I don’t know where people are getting contrasting information; every Token post I’ve seen has at least one of us saying the above information.

Is the Dv888 “greater than” the Token? It probably performs better in almost all of the traditional ways (spin time, stability, etc). But it shouldn’t even be a point of comparison… they’re for different purposes. Dv888 undersized but otherwise “standard”… Token a fun pocket throw.

I have both.

These are completely different yoyos. One is an undersized(dv888) and one is a, well, I forget the next couple of categories down.

In this round, which do I prefer? Gonna have to say dv888. The bigger size is what gives it an edge to me. Other than that, I feel both are well made yoyos, loads of fun and ideal pocket yoyos.

Small stuff gives me problems. Why? I’m not that good. I need a bigger moving target!

Preferences. That’s what it’s all about.

Forgot to address the binds on the Token:

They’re definitely snappier than any of my other yoyos. Consequently, I always use string that’s on the thinner side, and I always assume that I’m going to have a violent return and prepare for it. :wink:

I have a token and DV888 and quite like the nice, small size of the token. It has… Character? The DV888 is a yoyo designed for maximum performance for its price… The token is just fun. So much fun. And I have no problem with binds, nice and tight. It is incredibly unstable though- velocity unstable. Token for chopsticks and tech, DV888- all else.

I’ve never played a DV888, but I’ve played a handful of other 50mm throws. I just got my token today, and I must say I am VERY IMPRESSED with it. For such a little guy, it’s extremely powerful. It seems to have a good amount of stability as well. I even got a good 2-3 second fingergrind out of it. I’d say it’s an absolute steal for the price. It is a little heavy on the string, but it doesn’t have that terrible “rock on a string pull your finger off and hurt your elbow popstar” feel. I wasn’t expecting much because of all the hate, but I am pleasantly surprised with it. :slight_smile:

With that being said, it’s definitely not intended to play in the same category as throws like the DV888, Cafe Racer, G-Funk, etc. I will go out on a limb and say that it has all the aspects it needs to compete if it were put into the right hands, however.

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Compare it to a ministar or campfire. Shrunken.

You call this yoyo bad o.O? It’s good for competition xD! : http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R-oJNrl67Hs

I’m not surprised! This thing is legit. :smiley:

I am a tad surprised…

That video says as much about the performer as the yoyo.

I find the Token is a novelty. Not really comparable to any normal yoyo wth a 50mm+ diameter. The Token has gotten some decent hype online which has led to people, including me, having unrealistic expectations and ending up disappointed. Fortunately the cheap price point means most of us don’t lose much.

A more interesting question is Token>POPstar?

Not a fan of the popstar at all…

I didn’t expect very much from the Token at all, and I definitely didn’t read into the hype. Perhaps that’s why I was so pleased.

Better than? In terms of performance, yes. In terms of portability, no. In terms of “fun”… who can say?

I was playing around with a POPstar last night, and it’s pretty fun and pretty gratifying to hit tricks on this wee little narrow yoyo that’s totally unforgiving. Gives you a bit of the “haha! I can do this!” energy when you land tougher tricks. :wink:

My buddy got one and i tried it, was a lot of fun im gunna get the black silver and red one.

I have to disagree with you. I’m not saying that the token is better than the dv888, I just dont’ think that the token is a bad yo-yo. In fact, I like playing it, quite a bit actually.

I totally get it.

After a week or so throwing the token, Ive come to really like it.

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Awesome that you’d come back and give us that update!

Remember what mommy said about immature reviews

Not sure i really get the Token. I mean i’ll probably grab one of those purple-center ones just because it looks cool, but the size is kind of weird. It’s not really small enough to be a true pocket throw like an Angle XS, Tarasqus, Littles, etc., and not really big enough to be a strong performer, so it fills an awkward role. That said the price is right, but i worry a lot of people grab it as their first metal because the ano’s pretty and the price is low, but then end up being disappointed when it doesn’t play as they expected. As long as people know what they’re getting into though i think it’s a neat throw.