C3 Token 1st impressions.

I do not usually like to do reviews but I have to say a little something about C3’s new “mini”. A friend of mine who was at Worlds kept texting me about this fantastic yoyo he just picked up from C3 called the Token. My friend (Mr. Eli) and I have been known for loving undersized/mini throws. My first metal was a CLYW Campfire. So I was able to play his a bit and wow what a great little pocket throw. The best part about it that it only costs $28.00. I picked one up on the weekend and so far have been very impressed. I took out the stock bearing and put in a KK. This yoyo is smooth as silk and has a great deal of spin time. With its width, you can land it very easily on the string and it moves through combos with ease. It is extremely stable for a mini as well. Overall this is a great, great yoyo from C3.

think you can post a picture with the token in comparison to other yoyos? i’m kinda curious on how big it is, thanks if you can!

Sure will just let me get home… A little bit later on today I will post some good pics.

How does this compare to the popstar? I heard the popstar tilts really fast

Here are the pics with an Avalanche and CODE2. It is really not that small. It is bigger and a lot better than a popstar…

Well, the first few throws really put a smile on my face. However, after trying skin the gerbil a few times I was kind of neutral. Too many string layers and it will snap back at you. I am using a thick string, so that may be part of it, and I’ll probably pop a KK in it when I get back home.

Still an awesome throw though. ;D Just lots of fun, nice colors.

I love my token however it stripped on me on the 3rd time unscrewing it. I was able to put it back in and it stays well but a small thread came out when it stripped. My only issue would have to be the axle is not long enough. But great throw IMO, I love it and love undersized yoyo’s!

I’ve bought a ‘Token’ for 18.99 GBP and I was extremely disappointed.
The color sheme is really great, but the bearing of mine is simply scrap and therefore the spinning times of the yoyo are ridiculous short. Moreover you have to throw it perfectly to let it spin without wobble, or vibe.

I gave it to my son - he puts the bearing of his YYF ‘One’ in. With this bearing the yoyo plays a lot better and spinning times are acceptable now. But it lies not so good in my hand than other yoyos with a rounder shape, so I finally dislike it.

By the way: I can confirm the problem of Randysavage - I had it too :-\

Comparing the ‘Token’ with the ‘Dark Angel T9’ from magic yoyo (which has a nice handy shape, plays smooth, can be bought for 15GBP/24$ and comes with a stainless ten-ball concave bearing as well as anodized finish and laser engraving) it is simply waste of money.

I wouldn’t recommend it - just my 2 cents.


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Clean the bearing. Spin time should greatly increase. Swap out to a kk or center trac. The CBC pads aren’t recessed. Just be careful screwing it off and on, the threads strips easy. I still throw my token everyday just before my main throw. It’s harder to throw and land tricks, so after switching to my 888, it gives me this relieved feeling. I don’t know, just my opinion. Don’t forget this is a super small mini and should not be comparable to a full size or even a mid size.

I took mine apart and saw an unshielded 10 ball. When I pulled off the string the bearing caught my attention because it spun so easily. I gave it a flick and couldn’t believe it. I gave it another hard flick and counted to twenty and it was still spinning!

The ten-ball is new to me but is nice if you clean it and break it in.

I was Gina get one Trick Or Treat edition but plans got canceled :*(

I have a token it’s great!

???Only problem wile I was using it its pads fell off they just fell off.???

Love this yoyo but the stock bearing is horrible :frowning:

Try to clean your bearing for better performance

I cleaned it and it works well!