C3 Token

I bought this a couple weeks ago and I didn’t really start playing with it until a few days ago. I must say that this thing is horrible. I know it was a 28$ throw but there is a significant vibe straight out o father box. The 10 ball is nice and known to be smooth but this thing could be installed in my iPhone to let me know when I get a text. I’m not sure if this is the same with everyone but as of right now I am very upset with the quality C3 has presented to me. The Capless is my favorite throw so the company can clearly put out a good throw but I’d choose my metal drifter or PoPstar over this any day. One of the biggest wastes of money to date


Contact YYE to have it replaced.

Mine was dead smooth and giving me 5min sleepers straight from the box.

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Sorry the Token make you feel unhappy
Please contact me for any help or replacement , email : walter@c3yoyodesign.com


like i said, the Capless is my favourite throw so im very pleased with that. these things happen. Im currently talking with YYE to work out a possible replacement. i think the source of the problem is with either the axle being stripped or the the inside of the yoyo itself being stripped, preventing it from being completely tightened.

I have that same issue! I want to like the token but its responsive for some reason no matter what I do???

Is it a dud??? Idk, who knows? You’d think this yoyo would play better but it doesn’t. It:
Bering rattles,

My friends works fine so…idk

Contact YYE, they are replacing mine

The axle is too short and either the yoyo or axle metal is too soft; I avoid unscrewing at all cost.

However, mine is smooth, surprisingly stable for size, and fun. Bearing needed cleaning and I ultimately swapped it out for a kk.

I might have a few things I would change, but I’m super happy to own my Token. Will be buying a Token II if they ever make one. :wink:

I just got a token I love it

I’m sure ill love it when I get a new one and its as smooth as its supposed to be

I have to aggree it was smooth and it was a 3-4 min sleep

Yea I’m sure it’ll all be good when I get it replaced.

I wasn’t getting those kind of sleep times, but I’m more than willing to admit it was my throw.

Mine is butter on a good throw.

I loovveee my token, but yeah my bearing made funny noises, swapped it out with a centertrack and it was fine. At least I think it was the bearing… I don’t know. But I love my token, much better than a DV888 or popstar to me.

Even with a vibe it was better than my popstar, but nothing close to my dv888