pros and cons of a C3 token




Never tried one but I hope to buy one. Based on reviews I’d say the pros are that it’s cheap, metal, good, and it’s small. Cons are that it’s small, hard to get used to, and the shape (some people may not like it).


Only con I can think of is that the stock bearing may suck a little, swap to a center trac and the yoyo tends to turn real quick after a throw. Also needs to have a good throw, maybe wobble slightly on a bad throw. Other than that, great throw, smooth, nice color ways, and also doesn’t feel as small as you may think. Plays a little too fast for me though.


The stock bearing that it came with is pretty nice. I put in a center trak but went back to the original bearing since i liked it better. My big con with the token is that the axle is way to short. I stripped mine in days but not to the point were i cant put it together. its all fine now and plays great im just not going to unscrew it again unless hair gets stuck in it. Other than the axle issue i gotta say its great and the price is fair. A good one to pick up if you have the chance and enjoy undersized play


Some cons are that it doesn’t spin super long compared to other full size yoyos, not every throw will be smooth, some have vibe, and it can’t handle lots of string layers (it will bind usually). But everything I didn’t say about the Token is good, and it’s especially good for the price! I would recommend it.


Hey had the same issue. A strip of the thread came out. The halves kept spinning. I thought I ruined it but when I removed the axel and reversed it, it screwed back in fine. I need to find a replacement axel.


Thanks guys I bought one today and I just wanted to know what I was in for



We think alike that exact same thing happend, a thread came out i reversed the axle and it worked lol.


Hey cool! Wonder what made us do that? Anyways, I feel nervous throwing it now after that incident. How are you throwing yours?


Doesn’t spin too long, and as Robin mentioned it can’t handle too many string layers.  I imagine popping a KK in it would help, but I don’t have such equipment to test that out.

Edit:  Some other sources of such information


ive had mine for a few months and love it. PROS: plays well for all that weight at such a small size. price is hard to pass up. stock response pads have lasted a long time and are super snappy tight bids. have played all kinds of strings on it from thin to fat and it says unresponsive. CONS: if you over push/force it through tricks it wobble out. couldnt fit a Twisted trifecta bearing in it, outer edges of bearing rubbed.

in the end i think its worth every penny and a nice fun throw to have in the collection!


I had the chance to try one, it was great! Decent spin time, grinds amazingly, definitely a bargain! The stock bearing isn’t as bad as everyone says, it does the job, and as long as you have a good throw it can handle any combo.


I have not had one issue with it and throw it about 2 hrs a day. My bearing finally is getting worn in and I have to say it spins longer than its credited for. I have not taken it apart since it stripped and I do not plan too until the bearing goes. I would say yours is fine just don’t mess with it a bunch.


Love the color ways!