C3Yoyo Design Token Review by NJStringer!!!!

C3Yoyo Design Token Review by NJStringer

Undersized - pocket butterfly shape
66.50 grams
47.00 mm diameter
37.85 mm width
4.00 mm gap
Stock Bearing: C size 8 ball bearing
Stock Response System: 19mm slim pad
Material: aluminum
Price at time of review: $28 (excludes shipping costs)

In the Box:
C3Yoyo Design Token
1 poly string

The C3Yoyo Design Token is offered in an incredible array of colors and as always the color combinations and the quality of the acid wash and splash designs are stunning. Several store versions can be found online via different retailers but across the board the colorways include: blue with violet acid wash, black with orange splatter, red with silver acid wash, black with blue speckle, pink/silver acid wash, red/burgundy/yellow acid wash, green/purple acid wash, orange/pink/silver acid wash, black with pink splash, green/silver acid wash, half black with purple reversed halves. The review Token I received came in the black with blue speckle. The colors are vibrant although the blue acid wash takes on a greenish hue but this does not by any way take from the overall beauty of the throw. As with many C3Yoyo Design throws the Token comes with the company logo and yoyo name on each half along with a design on each side.


The Token is a pocket throw. The size, as some may think, is not a scaled down yoyo but actually a throw designed to play based on the same physics as a larger throw. I mention this because many believe that a pocket throw is just a smaller clone of a yoyo and this is where design can offer the difference between a suitable throw and a total failure. In the past pocket throws quite often could not live up to the potential the designer had hoped simply because the smaller footprint of the yoyo just could not perform. The Token was designed with the hopes that the solid build and shape would allow the player to carry its small size anywhere and be able to play to their heart’s content.

Overall the Token maintains the company’s high standards of design, solid feel in hand and amazing durability of both the build and finish. The Token weighs in at 66.50 grams with an incredibly small diameter when compared to other throws that are larger and yet weigh nearly the same. The density of the yoyo can most definitely be felt in hand but tends to feel slightly lighter on a throw. The V-Shaped catch zone hugs the hand well and the transition from the catch zone to outer rim takes form in two minor facets that make the Token more pleasant to catch on a hard return. The outer rim is flat and maintains a simple cut towards the bowl which angles upwards towards a central hub. The design is simple, pleasant and offers a more “no-frills” sort of play which is to be expected when one considers that this is an undersized, pocket throw.

The Token is extremely pocketable and I was able to carry it nearly everywhere with me when I didn’t carry my messenger bag. The small diameter easily fits in one’s pocket and even more so if you are more prone to wearing cargo pants. I would definitely consider the Token on those days where I was traveling light and needed to choose whether or not to carry a throw with me at all.

On a Throw:

Historically pocket sized throws have suffered from all sorts of criticisms - from vibe to pulse to downright complaints of an un-playable throw - and despite this the community still holds such throws in high demand as many of us know that there are just times when its difficult to carry a full-sized throw. One of the major issues with such undersized throws is that physics tends to be against a design that has inherent limitations in spin, mass and gyroscopic stability…essentially there are certain parameters that lend to a better throw than others and getting an undersized throw such as the Token right takes skill.

Despite the limitations of physics the Token is an incredibly playable yoyo. I will be honest and state that I had flashbacks of my Buzz-On Menehune that pulsed so bad I could be heard playing several hundred feet away. Thankfully though the Token helped me to regain my trust in the undersized market. With this being said I will offer that many have written to me asking about this particular throw and I will state here what I have written in the past - pocket throws are marketed and offered by companies such as C3Yoyo Design as a fun, highly transportable yoyo and not necessarily a pro throw to carry you into competition. The benefits of the Token and such smaller throws is that they still play well despite their size and you can keep working on your skills even when life keeps your full sized at home.

The Token I received for review played relatively well out of the box with a smooth, stable spin. The large V-shaped catch zone offers a nice sized target and the throw handles multiple layers quite well with minimal decrease of spin time. The size lends itself to chopstick style tricks and the chosen weight of the Token means that suicides and slacks still can be carried out which have in the past been somewhat limited due to the choice of making a pocket throw lighter due to size.

One of the great things about the Token addresses the concern of vibe and pulse some players have mentioned on the forums. The Token is well made and well balanced but some have stated that their throw vibed and with this in mind I purchased not one but two additional Tokens and also played a friends. My overall feel after 4 weeks of exclusive Token play was that if a vibe was indeed present it could be remedied with some tuning to the throw. Many players have very complex means of tuning a throw and while I do not discount their methods I would like to offer that with the Token, should yours vibe, some tuning is quite simple. Simply unscrew the halves completely, screw it back down until the yoyo is just barely hand tight but completely screwed down and you feel slight resistance. Give it a throw and if there is some vibe simply tighten it a bit, throw and repeat until the vibe is gone.

Stock Bearing and Response:

The Token comes with a standard, flat, 8 ball bearing which I found played well and is well suited to the design and size. However, with the size of the Token some players may feel a bit hindered and the addition of a CT or grooved bearing can make the Token shine. The included response performs incredibly well as expected and slim pads are always a pleasure to see in a throw because it means minimal break in time, easy changes and a response groove that will accept flowable with some ease. After the initial 2 weeks and since I had 4 Tokens to play with for a month I chose to swap my response for flowable and a CT and I won’t be changing that system any time soon.

In the End:

The Token by C3Yoyo Design may be a micro-sized throw yet it still maintains the company’s incredibly high standards of design and aesthetics. In considering the Token as a purchase keep in mind its size and portability as a means to give you the player another diameter throw to play, a throw that is built sturdy and meant to be fun and a throw that comes from C3Yoyo Design where the standards are held high. I am greatly in favor of always carrying a throw as it will, at that time be the best throw you can play, but do agree that there are times when its just a tad difficult to keep a full sized throw on you. During the month I played my Token(s) I was able to keep one on me, in a tux pocket at a friends wedding and broke out some tricks…seeing as I typically don’t find weddings all that fun, I was grateful to C3Yoyo for creating a throw that put some excitement back in my day.


Thanks for doing a detailed review on the Token!

I was surprised to see C3 release a pocket-yoyo when I popped my head back into the yoyoing world, but after reading your review I’m more optimistic about it’s potential, especially given it’s tiny price tag.

I was surprised too, but Walter of C3Yoyo Design has a really good hold on the yoyo world and I really think he felt it would be a good idea to cover all the sizes to be a well rounded company.

And you’re absolutely right…considering the price tag its a good buy!

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Great review, great pics! But I thought tokens came with 10 ball bearings(not made by onedrop)

There may be some variation based on who is selling them as I do know some stores swap out bearings to sweeten the deal. But, as far as I know from the info I was given the Token comes with a standard C bearing with 8 balls.

That makes sense. Oh, and I loved your Trident review too lol.

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I think the newer runs come with a 10 ball. I know the Worlds 2012 Edition I bought from YYE back in the day came with an 8 ball though.

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Nice review! I like my Token, especially for the price. I think it is a great example of what a yoyo from C3 is like, and it has a lot of their uniqueness packed into a pocket-sized throw.

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I think you captured the essence of the Token. Your photos are top notch.

I was excited to get the Token, but was initially supprized at the solid feel. It seemed like a chunk in the hand. My first throw made me wonder what all of the excitement was all about. It seemed too easy to spin out all off kilter. I have to blame it on my throw. Once I cleaned up the sloppy habits, the payoff was great. I’ll trade off the solid feel for the performance and beauty of this throw. Fun that’s well worth the price.

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yup i think only the first run used 8 balls, all the tokens at the local store and the ones i got from my packs all came with 10 balls, the ones that ive noticed to have 10 balls are the newer acidwash colourways and not the older solid colours

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Sums up most of how I feel about my Token, too!

If you don’t mind me adding my two cents, I have some small criticisms (of the yoyo, not your review!):

$0.01 : the axle could be longer. I think there’s room from nipple to nipple for a longer axle! The wee one they include does not inspire confidence and I’ve heard of people stripping theirs quickly.

  • $0.01 = $0.02: I find my “thunks” at the end of the string; in my personal experience I find that as heavy as it feels in the hand, it feels equally heavy when it hits the end of the string (not lighter). Of course, choice of string (just YYE “Competition” poly in mine most of the time) and response will have some effect on this. Now, I don’t mention this to slam the yoyo… I think it plays wonderfully and I really enjoy it… but just for the sake of sharing my observations.

I would buy the Token again if I lost it. I also like it enough that I’m considering one or two more colourways just for the heck of it. There are a few tricks that are actually easier to hit with it due to small size, so that’s cool about it as well. :slight_smile:

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