Token: Yay or Nay?


Hey everyone, how does the C3 Token play? My birthday is coming up, and I’m still debating whether or not I should get a set. Also, what about the C3 Capless? What do you guys think?


Some helpful information here.


I bought it figured I’d be hit or miss on it.

At first throw, not really digging it. But, I put in some time on it and it was worth it. Yes, it is small, so you have to throw it properly. Once you can get a good throw going, it’s pretty good. I haven’t had a chance to play with bearings much less clean out the bearing this one came with. That reminds me I’m gonna go clean it out right now so I can take this one with me when I go on mini-vacation. Of course, it won’t be my only yoyo either… but I like options.


Would you recommend a Capless over a set of Tokens?


Remind me to re-address this issue when I’ve bought a Capless. I don’t have one yet. Why would you need more than 1 Token? I mean, they are small, so they really aren’t going to be great for 3A. The small size reduces mass and spin times and a touch of stability as they don’t like sloppy play. These are fantastic trainer yoyos and pocket throws that can give you some serious throw-down, but I don’t feel these are good competition yoyos. I think the Capless therefore might be the better solution.

Mind you, I DO recommend the Token, but the size means it simply wont be for everyone. I disliked the XConvict at first, but once I got used to the fact that it requires me to improve my skill, I really enjoy this. The Token is the exact same way, just a full metal, different shape and size and weight. I sure ain’t giving mine up. I have decided I’m not taking it with me on this trip I’m about to take. The bearing is fine as is. I’ve just opted for other stuff instead. My yoyo time will be extremely limited. I don’t want to take a yoyo that may frustrate me.

Mind you, I don’t mind the frustration the Token gives me. This inexpensive yoyo is showing me problems with my skills and technique. Having a yoyo that makes you clean things up is always helpful.

(Side note: I’m looking to cancel my involvement on the trip)


Hey, studio, please hurry and get a capless. Everyone is asking about it. Would love to hear your take on it.
To the op: token is great, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t compare to a capless. Two different worlds. 3a for token sounds like a big no no. Unless you are ambidextrous, token always needs that perfect throw to avoid the vibes n wobble.


I don’t have a Token but I do have a Capless. I would review it but I don’t have it with me I left it at a friends house and I miss it so much! Anyway the Capless is an amazing throw and for the price you can’t go wrong. I honestly put it over my Code 2 I love it so much. It’s so smooth and the acid wash design (or whatever it’s called) on it is so amazing (I have the burgundy black version). Anyways get the Capless for Christmas or Hanukkah or your birthday it is literally an amazing throw. Can’t wait to get a Token though that YYE Edition is so cherry…


Capless scheduled for purchase sometime in January unless some other stuff changes pretty pronto. The odds are in favor of these changes.

Since I’ve lost interest in Werrd, that’s freed up some funds for other goodies, which shoots the Capless to near the top of that list.


The token doesn’t cost enough to stress this much over. :slight_smile: I find it plays great! Yeah…it’s a little responsive out of the box. A bit of break in and a centertrac takes care of that. The flat bearing it comes with is quite serviceable, so I just swapped it with a centertrac from another throw. You could just order an Ann Connolly Whip and swap bearings with that. You’ll have a great beater and the ct for your Token.

Honestly, I don’t find it that difficult to play. The biggest challenge I have is that I’m surprised how hard it hits the end of the string, and sometimes it bounces back at me from a throw. It’s a dense little guy.

I suspect C3 will make plenty of them. Just tag one onto another order you make to save on those overseas shipping costs.


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If you have a few throws already and want a pocket throw, then go for the token (I wouldn’t make this a first or second yoyo). If you want a new yoyo for general throwing, then go with the Capless.