C3 Token, anybody else got one?


I recently started throwing my C3 Token again. Forgot how much fun I had with it. Anybody else own one?
Usually I go by, if I can land a trick with the token, I can land it with a full size.

({RTD} alecto) #2

i love my token they have to be the most under-appreciated throw. They play so amazing they should sell out everytime they come on yye.


Well tokens are nice to play, but before u throw they feel kinds funny. The width is also kinda wide for an undersized throw. So i did like it when it was spinning, but when i held it it just felt funny


My thing with the token, is I can’t throw it hard. And this has two reasons.

  1. when I throw hard it has a lot of vibe
  2. idk what it is about this throw wanting to slide down the string and hit the ground, I am constantly hitting the ground with it.

But that being said its still a super fun throw, and is in my pocket %75 of the time I venture out of the house. It’s just an all around good time.


Had one, but traded it.


Easily one of the most fun yoyos I have ever played with.
I think its one of those “everyone should have one” throws like the hitman used to be when I first got into it. Such a great price too! :slight_smile:

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Token or Neaue?