Is it a good throw? I know it is very small but how does it play? Thanks for any help


Its small yes but it’s width makes it play huge. Very good throw.


So anybody else care to chime in


C3 brought some to Worlds and loving small throws I grabbed one and another for my youngest son . After trying it the weight was perfect and it was so much fun . Then we went outside to catch the bus to Mr. Luckys and John Narum was throwing one outside so he threw it for me while I filmed him it is one of my favorite worlds videos ! It is a blast the Token is .


It just dropped at YYE and probably not many people here have it yet.

Give it a week before people can get them in their hands and post reviews. I just ordered one myself. I expect it to get here Monday or Tuesday. Odds are that I’m going to be so busy between now and October 15tht that I probably won’t even throw it more than 5 minutes until sometime after the 15th.


oh thanks ill bump it next Sunday and see if I get anymore feedback


I wrote a first impression of it here if you would like to check it out.  I first got one right after worlds then got two more at MA States.  I love this yoyo.,47163.0.html


thanks with the price I think I’m going to get 2 so I can do all of my play styles  3a 1a and 5a


The Token is very small. I don’t think it would be ideal for 3A and 5A play.

Mine is now on the mail vehicle awaiting delivery. However, I don’t think I’ll even get to it today.


yeah but it will be nice to have a pair for carrying around

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It is comparable to the popstar


No, not comparable to the popstar in my opinion. I really dislike the Popstar. Just doesn’t feel good.

The Token, it’s gonna be another “trainer”. I’ll be using this to fine tune and dial-in my technique. It’s not going to be a favorite, but for $28, you can’t go wrong.

I haven’t spent that much time with this yoyo today. I won’t be able to really give it a good throw until a couple of more weeks or at Nationals.


Has anyone had any problem with this yoyo being very responsive out of the box? I can’t do whips or anything without it just slamming into my hand.the bearing spins like a champ when I flick it, so I don’t think thats the problem, maybe the response? this is my first all metal throw, so I don’t know if maybe there is a breakin time or something, but i haven’t had problems with my Shaqlestar, DM II, or Ann Connolly Whip.


I didn’t use the stock string, I put a YYE 100% poly on there. It’s a bit more responsive than I would prefer. It’s a big grabby at first. It’s the bearing in my experience. If it doesn’t clear itself up soon, I’m gonna clean it out. I don’t always have this issue though so I also know my technique could use a bit of refinement.

Just play it. You’re either breaking in the bearing, response or both. This can be normal. I know it will go dead unresponsive in time. I just don’t have the time to put any effort into this yoyo right now.


just get a new bearing since the stock bearing sucks or just clean it with acetone and compress air dry it then lube it with thin lube or v4m lube. but anyway its better to get a new bearing like a ten ball or some other grooved/concave bearings.


I would say that there are a few things contributing to this. First is the response, it is grabby and it sticks out a bit. It is not flush or recessed. Second is the gap its only 4mm (smaller than average) and last is the bearing not so much that it is a bad bearing but its flat. Pop in a CT or KK and you will see a world of difference. I have had three Tokens and done this to all of them. Right now one has a KK (my main one) and my “work” one has a CT. They need a bit of playing time to wear down the pads a bit but once that is done they will play dead unresponsive and great.


I just ordered the last green/yellow one…the purple was really tempting, but I’m really excited for my first C3 throw!


So I got the Token, and i like it…it reminds me a little of the popstar, just because it’s a solid chunk of aluminum (i think 7075?) and has absolutely no floaty feeling to it. I did change the bearing because the stock one was responsive, and probably not as good as a 10 ball anyway. The bearings end up pressed on and are hard to remove…this is pretty common for imported or cheaper throws. The color is awesome and it grinds exceptionally well.

It’s not a serious throw IMO, but it’s a lot of fun and great for the price.