Thoughts in c3 yoyo disign token


So i figured out that not to many people like the popstar so i wanted to know what are the thoughts on the token?


Token is way to busy for me…

they are almost the same except width, Popstar is a nice looking yoyo. washes look smart and clean.



If I had to rate these smaller throws it would go least favorite to favorite



The token was my favorite above all others, and then it stripped…


My favorite pocket throw, period. I traded ed for one a long while back, and loved it to death. But I was wearing gym shorts one day and it decided to fall out of my pocket…


Ok so it sounds like the token is likes pretty good for its price and its price is right for me so i am probly going to get one


Do it. You won’t regret it


Anyother thoughts on the token


Go with a hatrick.


Where can I buy one and how much are they

(YoYoStringLab) #11

If you don’t already have one or two yoyos, I would get something besides a Token. But as an addition i order to have something small and fun, it’s fine. To have enough weight to play well at that small of a size it feels like a chunk of metal in the hand and a little bit less so on the string. It requires a little more zip on the throw for me to make it through combos. It is a nice throw for its size.


Ok i have like 7 yoyos and im pretty good and can do some combos

(Erik Kerber ) #13

Its a fun little pocket throw. I don’t like to use mine that much but its fun to get out every now and then cuz it plays so different from my other throws.


recrev neaue is also worth consideration for a pocket throw but it’s no micro


Honestly I didn’t like my neuae when I got it. Maybe I just got a dud of a neuae, but mine vibed and I just didn’t like how it felt. I’m not sure about other people, just my $0.02. I can’t speak for everyone.