Favourite undersize (mini)

Title says it all! BTW I’m thinking of buying a token, is it a good pocket yoyo? I’m looking for a pocket yoyo that can train me while having fun. Feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Ever since I got a campfire, my tokens been collecting dust.

Of course, it’s a CLYW vs. A 28 dollar one ::). Mini Imperial, only mini throw I (I own one) have tried, but I want a Popstar Or Token :).

For its price, the Token is really awesome. I’ve had lots of fun with mine that’s for sure. Stability is a little questionable, but it was kind of expected.

Of course, the more you drop on a mini will probably make them much better too, like the Campfire, Dingo, etc.

Token’s stability is not bad for a mini. Clean throw, clean string hits and you’ll say to yourself, “Why do people question its stability?” But messy string hits (like mine!) and it won’t take long for it to go off.

It’s a great little yoyo. All it needs is an improved axle (it’s too short and the axle system is prone to stripping so take apart as infrequently as you can; remove knots with a paperclip or whatever).

Because there’s no gap walls to speak of, it doesn’t unwind “gracefully”… it’s heavier than it looks, so this results in a bit of a “thud” at the end of the string for me. That’s fine, it’s what I expected.

I definitely enjoy throwing the Token. Can’t go wrong for $28!

YYF frantic. it’s awesome.

I just got a popstar and in love! so much fun, and actually I took it to school in my pocket and forgot about it

One Drop Caferacer and Dietz, two best undersized yoyos on market.

He Said MINI. Those also arent that undersized, :smiley: Go for a Mighty flea :stuck_out_tongue: JK :pPopstar is good like a STAR yoyo Rockstar, Starlight, Northstar, Protostar, ect

The Werrd “Minute”, never found anything I like better. ;D

For fun I like my mighty flea, for more of a serious mini yoyo I’d pick my token.

General yo ministar, and for a pocket throw a chaser, its realy good.

How is Chaser a pocket throw?

he wears cargo pants.

Campfire, token, 6

Colors are super nice on the token but the finish is a bit too glossy or shiny for me. It gets a bit sticky from sweat. Tokens are smooth, but unforgiving on a bad throw.

Ministar is by far the best I’ve used. The Campfire is great, but feels kind of like a rock when sleeping, while moving on the string, it’s great!


Actually, I don’t care that much if it’s not mini, I just wanted a carry around yoyo that is fun to play with

My all-time favourite mini throw is the Shuriken. It can handle pretty much anything you ask for from it, just as good as any of my larger throws. also it’s hard as hell!

A close second is my popstar. This thing was just made to be fun. If I wasn’t using the Shuriken as my main small throw it’d be this one.

I own several other small ones like a pocket rocket and a mighty flea but they are more novelties than anything else.

Go for the popstar as it’s a nice and fairly cheap throw.