Small yoyos


I’ve made this topic so fellow yoyo-ers out there could have a place to express there love for undersized yoyos. Wile posting please be sure to post the names of all the small yoyos you own as I will be referencing them at a later time as optional future purchases.

As a start I will say I have very much thoroughly enjoyed my YYF pop star and look forward to a C3 token.


Depends how small we want to go.

I didn’t like the Popstar in the least. Love the Token. Love my Aoda Littles. Not doing too well with my Mighty Flea, but it’s growing on me.

I’ve got a fair number of undersized throws I enjoy. Hitman Pro, XCon Pro, H&H are sort of standouts in that area for me.

(SR) #3


Anyways. My small/tiny yoyos that I own are General Yo MiniStars.
I can’t remember all my regular undersized throws so I wont mention those.


I don’t know why there’s so much hate on the popstar… It’s a super fun yoyo and it’s really good for it’s price.


My only experience with tiny yoyos:
Popstar - Fun throw, not the most stable but still solid
Aoda Littles - Even smaller, surprisingly very stable and smooth. I hardly can tell its in my pocket!

And then I have a keychain Duncan Imperial…brings the nostalgic feeling to me, I had one of these as a kid to join forces with my full-sized Imperials. I don’t use it much, it pretty much lives with my keys.


I’m not throwing out unjustified hate on the Popstar. I tried one, I honestly tried to like it. I just couldn’t. I gave it a fair shot, going in with hoping to like it.

Preferences. People DO like this. I don’t.

With the Aoda Littles and Token, in my opinion and based on preferences, the Popstar really isn’t good for the price either.

Again, preferences. I got plenty of other YYF throws I enjoy a great deal. I spent over 30 minutes just enjoying the heck out of my Equalateral. So, I’m not anti-YYF either.

(YoYoStringLab) #7

Mini Motu by YYJ. Siliconed and KK. It’s safisfying for a small yoyo.

Token by C3. Beautiful, super value. A little work to keep straight, but it keeps me honest.


Mini Motu is great - haven’t tried the Micro Month though.

Aoda Littles - fantastic! As is the Alchemy CU (might be able to find one on the BST).

I agree with the
comments on the Popstar, I had one and tried really hard to like it, but it just didn’t work for me at all, no matter what mood I was in.

Mighty Flea is another option - this might make for something fun to play with now and then, but not really the sort of yoyo you’d whip out on a daily basis.

OD Dingo is another option, fairly high walls so you need to play fairly cleanly, but they are great little yoyos.


YYR clashcube

44mm diameter, 44mm width

“44” can be pronounced “yoyo” in japanese

loving the idea


YYF Yuuksta is awesome and the C3 Token is amazing for the price.

(UmeNagisa) #11

Which is also why the 44CLASH
Is named as such!:smiley:


YYF Frantic.


I don’t tend to use small throws as my primary choice, but I do have a popstar. At first I didn’t really like it, but in the last month or so, it has really grown on me. I also want to get a token. I have heard good things abut it.


GY Hatrick
By far my fav


I love 3a mighty flea so cool I do it


Dream Yo Pixy :confused:


Big deals are sweet I need one


I just threw my C3 Trick or Treat Token for the first time, and let me tell you, it’s amazing. Of course, other people have already said this. But wow! I mean, for $28 you can’t go wrong if you don’t mind small yoyos. It does require a pretty good throw to keep it on track, but besides that it seems very good. Feels kinda lumpy compared to my 888x, I’ll have to take another throw with both of them before I de-hubstack my 888x.


Any one know we’re I can but a mighty fly or big deal


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