Any recommended pocket sized yoyos?

Thanks :smiley:

My favorite is my ministar. Nice and a bit light, but ultra smooth and long spinning, plus it grinds forever. Next though, would be the CLYW Campfire and the St Eel. My popstar sorta kinda broke my foot so…

Aoda Littles I am finding to be quite playable.

gotta go with popstar its only 25 bucks so u dont need to spend like upwards of 90 for like a campfire or mini star and even tho its 25 bucks it sure plays like a 60 to 70 dollar yoyo

I would not recommend the micro mo.

I have a popstar and its good but it doesnt play like a 70$ yoyo as someone else said. Its smooth and all but it doesn’t spin as long as my phenomizm or yuuksta (yeah its my throw blah blah blah).

the mighty flea IMO is maybe a wee bit too small. Its hard to land tricks on that thing

st. eel is good but its expensive.

I would recommend the One Drop Dingo

ahhh i forgot about the dingo…

Dingo is really nice. You get so good if you use it for a while.

Werrd poo is a pocket yoyo, but,not because ir’s small, but because it’s slim. Really check it out. Slim yoyos fit pockets really well.

Please explain why you would not recommend the Micro Mo.

My first pocket sized yoyo was a Popstar. It was fun and easy to carry around. But I had to slow down my tricks or it would tilt, which I didn’t like so much. I got a ministar next and it totally replaced the Popstar for me. The ministar is nice and small, but at the same time, I don’t have to alter my playing style too much to have fun with it. And grinds are great! Since I got the Ministar, I don’t use the Popstar anymore.

I’ve played with a Mighty Flea and a Big Deal. Didn’t like either of them. They were fun to mess around with, but I felt no need to actually own one.

Getting a Campfire soon, but haven’t received it yet. Hopefully, I’ll like it as much as the ministar.

how about the 44clash? anyone played one before? ???

I have a Beysick 44Clash. Getting used to it. NIce, but the small bearing is different than I am used to.

My Mighty Flea is too small for me for now. My Aoda Little is also a bit too small to handle but better than the Mighty Flea. So, that pushes me to my Campfire as a good recommendation.

But, I carry my YYE medium bag with pride and put 4 throws in it for easy access. Forget pockets!

Haha Chris he was talking about the YYF 44 Clash! But to the OP, you should be a bit more specific, seeing as there are a plethora of yoyos named 44CLASH or have special edition versions. The 44Clash has a G5 shape and is more stable than a POPstar. I <3 mine. :slight_smile:

Lately, my pocket yoyo is usually a Whip. I know, it’s bigger than what you guys are talking about, but it plays great, and if you sit on it and bend the axle, or spill Coke on it-smack it on concrete-lose it-run over it-it gets stolen who cares? It was 10 bucks! Even if you don’t like it, the bearing and the string it comes with are worth the 10 bucks!

The Aoda Littles far outplays the POPstar in my opinion, for about the same price. The POPstar is not a bad throw at all, it just does not perform in the same category as the Dingo or Campfire. The Dif-e-Yo Zzzip Fly is nice too. So is the Pixie by Dream Yo.

What exactly are you looking for in a small yo-yo? These yo-yos may all be small or even tiny, but they all play differently and have different advantages.

i am looking for a stable player. As long as it is stable and smooth then thats fine with me :slight_smile:

Would you rather go with stable over pocket sized or do you want both stable and pocket sized?

Not to play a card that isn’t well liked around here, but for the money I paid, an Aoda Magic Pear Ball is tons of fun and fits great in my pocket nicely and seems to be a great player. But if I had to choose between that one and my Campfire, it’s Campfire all the way.

the only one i have is the popstar. it is great for the price and really fun. however i have heard that st. eel is amazing and well worth the price. don’t take my word for it cuz ive never used it. do some research on it first.

so long as it is stable and somewhat pocket sized is ok :slight_smile:

Try a YYF G-Funk…
It’s both of those.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions ;D ended up getting a micro mo cuz popstars weren’t available :frowning: fit my preference perfectly :smiley: it was kinda taking a risk cuz no one spoke much of the micro mo but in the end it still worked out great C: