light pocket yoyo


Are there any smallish yoyos that aren’t like Mini bricks? I really want a small daily carry but I hate the feel of all the pocket yoyos I have tried. I also wouldn’t mind an undersized yoyo so long as it is still on the smaller side. Also I don’t mind searching through the BST so just because it isn’t in stock doesn’t disqualify it.



GeneralYo Ministar. Such great weight distribution, light, wonderful. BigYoyo has a Ministar for sale on his BsT right now I believe. And they’re usually pretty affordable on The BST, around $45.


The ministar is very good, as probo said.
I’ve never tried one, but I’ve heard great things about the st.eel as well. It really depends on how small you’re looking for.
Have you tried a popstar? They’re not incredibly stable iirc, but they’re floaty, and grind for days.
Also you may want to look into the aoda littles.


I had a popstar, didn’t like it too much. I might look into the ministar, I haven’t played one in a while i cant really even remember how it plays. A friend of mine brings his to my club every so often, I’ll see how i like it


Tried a Dingo? I love mine! Feels very solid, and is very easy to land tricks with.


I have not tried a Dingo… Not many people have OneDrop yoyos who live near me :-\


I have owned or thrown most of them. POPSTAR not so much, dingo nice but not as stable as a ministar or St. Eel and the Littles is (opinion) better than the POPSTAR but not as well rounded as the dingo. I have never thrown the mini motu. So in a list.

1 ministar and St. Eel (tied)
3 dingo
4 littles
5 popstar

Good luck making a decision.


Madhouse rad :wink:

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check out the YYF Skyline…they’re small and super light and play amazing. They can be found on the BST for super cheap as well.


I was gotta say st eel



C3 Token, CLYW Campfire, and Yyf skyline.

The token is kinda brick like, but is much better than the popstar imo and is much more stable. Very smooth and has a nice weight and a shockingly long spin time for its size.

The Campfire is ever so slightly bigger than the token, and is much less brick like and is quite the performer.

The skyline is the biggest of three, but performs really light and fast,


If you can, get a M1. I’ve found that M1s are a bit floatly and doesn’t feel like a brick on the string.


I would recommend a Shuriken if you can get hold of one. Easily the best mini throw made by man, I love mine so much.


spyy supra is a good undersized throw. the OD cafe racer is also pretty good too.


C3 token


I wouldn’t say the C3 token feels like a brick. I think it’s just enough to feel it when you throw down and you can feel it on the strings, but I don’t think it feels heavy.

But yeah the Popstar… It’s a brick. I still love that little thing though.


Maybe a MYY? They aren’t the best, but they fit your needs description and you barely notice them in your pocket. The n5 is really good, and I’d recommend it, but pretty much any of them will do for you.


I agree with the GY Ministar, but I would search the BST for the Werrd “Minute”

It has the classic V shape, and is incredibly stable. I’m typically not a big fan of pocket throws, but the Minute is a joy to throw.

Hopefully you can find one on the BST, it’s worth every penny.


I know this isn’t very helpful, but not the C3 Token. I have one, and I actually quite enjoy it. But DOES have that bricklike thing going on on initial throw. It depends a bit on which strings you put on it, but with YYE “Expert” strings (ie along the lines of standard poly) it hits the end of the string with a thud. But then it spins long and has good feel during tricks.

Kinda keen on a Ministar now, after reading this thread. There’s also the Yelets coming out soon in the “undersized” (not “mini”) category.


Mighty fleas are going into production soon again and popstars are great