Looking to buy a mini/pocket sized yoyo, need help finding options

Hey everyone! I’m currently looking to buy a mini yoyo, as I’ve gotten tired of using my holster to carry around one of my full size yoyos all the time.

However, I’ve been out of the loop of the market for a while so I’m not really sure what the best options currently are in this category.

On the shop I’ve found the Heist, Deep State, and Executive that are possible options, but I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing or other models that are worth looking around on the BST for.



Here’s a thread with some thoughts on undersized yoyos.


How undersized are you looking for?

You can get a 2017 YoYoFactory Popstar for just $10…it is a B-Grade though. But dang it’s a great price!

I love my One Drop Deep States…super great looking throws and a lot of fun. Though they really are very slim so are tough to land string tricks with, so you’d have to keep that in mind.

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Snack by recess


In my experience, all “mini” Yoyos are trash (never played executive) If you still want to hit tricks your better off going with an undersized throw. Like a Barracuda Jr or a GenXs. If you just want a yo-yo on you that takes up little pocket space get a popstar.


The best mini is a ministar2


Hey everyone! Thanks for the replies! I am looking true “mini” yoyos, so less than the ~50mm x 40mm range that defines normal “undersized.” Although a small width is much more important than diameter to me. I’m not too worried about being able to hit tricks, I’ve got plenty of practice with that (and I’m not looking to compete with the thing lol), the portability is a much bigger factor.

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While larger than that in diameter, the Deep State really does pocket well, depending on your pockets. The flat shape tends to keep it flat.

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Sounds like you want an sf 36, or something in that regard

36 might be a little wide still based on other 36mm width throws I’ve tried but I’ll look it up

This is the only option. Still love this yoyo so much.

Once you do, it’ll change your mind :+1:

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Aoda, Littles.


I hate mini’s, but I love the Aoda.


Yoyofreaks #hashtag or the OG popstar are superb minis. Is the Y factor a mini? Xx

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The Masamini is the best undersized yoyo I’ve played. It really plays like a normal sized yoyo.

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I carry a recess snack around, it does all I need it to do.

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Canary is slightly undersized but its amazing


I looked everywhere for the Aoda Littles the other day could not find them anywhere anymore. :expressionless: Ended up going for the 66 Edge. Also heard some people liked loonies but never tried. I do have the Dr Smalls as well but the 66 Edge is much better imo than the Dr Smalls. Will keep my eye out for one of the Aoda Littles.


I’m also looking for an Aoda Littles. The good news is that, there is a vendor on AliExpress that is selling them. The bad news is that the vendor does not ship this item to the United States. I thought that was quite odd given they will ship other yo-yos just not this particular one. Digging a bit deeper I found the following disclaimer on another non-US website regarding a different Aoda yoyo:

“Dif-e-yo have a Patent on the Concave bearing shape in the USA. Because of this, I cannot supply any Concave bearings that are not made by Dif-e-yo to customers in the USA. Customers in the USA may buy these yo-yo’s, but the Aoda concave bearing will be swapped for a correctly sized Vivace Stainless Steel Flat Bearing.”

That all being said, with a lot of people wanting one and none being available for purchase (at least in the US), I was wondering…

Any kind-hearted Canadian interested in perhaps doing a bulk purchase from AliExpress for your friendly neighbors to the south?


The Reduction is pretty pocketable imo.