best pocket yoyo ?


Hey guys, I’m looking to get a new throw. I want one thats small enough that it wont be too uncomfortable in my pocket because I want to carry it around with me, but I also want it to play well. What are your suggestions? Ive heard that the popstar isn’t a very good player; what about c3 token? Or some other undersized ones?

Thanks! :smiley:

(M.DeV1) #2

I love my onedrop dingo.
Thin, fits in my pocket, killer spin for an pocket throw.

I recommend it.


yelets is a little nicer, but also a little bigger


The forte isn’t bad since it’s so thin

There’s also the cu, st eel, eli dert and of course the token which are all pretty good micro yoyos

I think the token is just a tad bit wide for the pocket though


I vote the YYF G5.
its slim and performs awesome.


General Yo Ministar was the best pocket size throw I ever used. Hands down.


I’ll second Gen-Yo ministar great little throw and just feels so right!


I love my Popstar. I don’t have a clue why some people say it plays bad.


G5, ministar, hectic, dingo, popstar, they’re all good ones.


The token is good, but seems to have less spin time and stability than other more expensive yoyos in its category. I’d vote for the Yuuksta since it is a better player with longer spin times but still undersized.




I wear cargo shorts, so anything will fit in my pockets. In my case, that answer could be “anything I feel like”.

But, if I had to choose, I seem to often reach for my XCon Pro. I don’t often get my Aoda Littles out. The Token is fantastic, so that might be a logical choice. I have 2 Dingos, which rock because of their slim design really makes them pocket friendly and are “one Drop smooth” as you’'d expect.

I’m hoping one day I can say “The Mighty Flea”. I have one, so it’s an option. I just cannot use it yet in a manner where I can perform any tricks with it.

Honestly, my preferences towards full-sized are very strong so I just load up the pockets with stuff I enjoy. Also, I carry a yoyo holder and my YYE Medium bag, so I’m usually not at a loss for items to swap out.


I have a g5, it used to be what I’d carry around but its a bit wider than I’d like in my pocket


it’s not as small as a lot of what’s been mentioned, but the Werrd Pachiquao is all sorts of amazing for it’s still quite small size, and even without qualifying it by it’s size it’s still really great


how much do ministars usually go for?new or on the bst thread


Dif-E-Yo Zzzip Fly


Mighty flea. Just kidding, I would go for a mini motrix or a mini mo tu if you can find one but if you can spend a little more money (and buy a little I really mean about $50) I would go with the gnarwhal.


You cannot get them new General-Yo doesn’t produce them anymore. You can get them from $40 on up generally around $50 or $60


Ive never heard of the mini motrix or mini mo tu, who makes them?


G funk