Small Metal Take-Me-Everywhere Throw

I’m at the point in yoyoing where I now take 3-5 yoyos with me everywhere. I know that at any moment I might want to yoyo, but taking all those yoyo’s around can be difficult (I must have some kind of bag).
I’m looking for a good pocket yoyo that I can take with me everywhere. It must be unresponsive and it I’d like it to be metal. (I’ve already got a Surge)

I’m particularly thinking about the Dingo and the Token. Which one should I get? The Dingo looks like it might fit in my pocket better. The Token looks cooler and is cheaper.

Haven’t tried a Token, but I personally hate the Dingo.

IMO, you’d be better off with a full-sized in a holster. Legyoyo Holsters are superb.

But if you’re dead-set on a pocket throw, I’d suggest a Campfire.

I love my tokens they are heavy but not brick like and stable, also priced perfectly with some beautiful color options. The dingo I hear good things about but for my money I like the token.

Thanks! I’ve been really tempted by a yoyo holster and a Token. I think I’ll save up for both (about the same price as the dingo!)

I’ll second the Token. That thing is golden. If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, that thing is awesome. I’ve used and abused mine and it is still holding up wonderfully.

Not to complicate things, but the RevRec Neuae just came out, and is looking quite promising as well. I will be able to tell you more by next week. :wink:

I keep a yoyo holstered at all times myself, but if I go anywhere that would be inappropriate I have the mighty flea, I just stick it in the pocket with my keys (in it’s pouch). Though I guess you’re probably looking for a more normal pocket yoyo, rather than a flea, but while small can make for a good pocket throw width can be a more important factor, one time I left home without my holster and my Werrd Poo sat nicely in my pocket due to it’s narrow shape, it’s also super comfy.

Just buy a legyoyo holster and you can bring any throw anywhere, you can even special order a holster that holds 2 throws so youbring 2 yoyos, it will probably cost $15 or so instead of 10 though… you could buy 2 for your right and left side and have 4 at all times too ;D

Werrd Minute! Undersized, great playing, and fairly inexpensive.

What’s wrong with the micro mo, tarasqus, and saint eel?

How do they all compare?

I am still struggling with the flea and these are larger but still much smaller than full size.

I’m now definitely getting a Legyoyo holster and a Token to go with it!

Haven’t tried the first two, but the St. Eel is one of the best minis there is!

Of what I have of small sized metals:

The Campfire simply isn’t a new option as it’s out of production, but it’s great.

The Dingo isn’t for everyone. It’s rather flat. It’s good though, but it’s more of a “try before you buy” item. Maybe the Cafe Racer is another option. I am trying to think of another option, but I’m drawing blanks on sizes. The M1 would be nice but it’s out of production. Too bad I’m too lazy to go out to my case.

C3 Token is fantastic.

I don’t have a PopStar. I played one and I didn’t care for it. Lots of people seem to like it. Spend the extra on a dv888. While I’m not a major fan of the dv888 either, I do own one and regularly recommend it. It’s a great yoyo, but it’s just not an ideal fit for me.

The Magic T6 is a really good one.

If you’re really into small, the Aoda Littles uses regular string and is super small.

If you’re a really good player, might I suggest the Mighty Flea? Maybe that’s too small?

Yomega dash! It’s an excellent pocket throw for twenty bucks even!

The Yomega Dash and Maverick are both great. No one talks about the 888 anymore but if you haven’t tried/played one you should. Undersized and wonderful. For that matter the Crucial Cupcake is phenomenal. It’s midsized, but is a wonderful pocket throw. I take mine everywhere.

I’m not the biggest fan of the token, my brother bought one and it just doesn’t feel right to me.

I really enjoy the Token! Good plan with the holster, though. To me it’s not a pure pocket throw. I keep any yoyo, including the Token, on a holster… then I tuck it into my pocket when walking, and take it out when it’s more comfortable and/or convenient to do so.

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Not all yoyos are perfect fits for all individuals. The Token is still a great yoyo.

Similarly, the dv888 isn’t an ideal fit for me. It’s still a great yoyo though.

We have to process these responses and see how they can apply to the person digesting the information. Even so, there’s no guarantee of success until the yoyo has been obtained and given a fair evaluation.

If you want a really nice small yoyo, I’d suggest a POPStar or a Token. The POPStar’s fun to use, and really small. I like using it in precision-landing tricks, because it weaves through strings beautifully. I don’t own a token, but I heard they’re good.

I think the weight distribution of the st eel would be better due to it’s use of other materials but haven’t thrown one in a while so can’t remember for sure

For $28 look into the C3 yoyo designs token best undersized throw for ease of use. (My favorite is still the ministar by general-yo) but as a first undersized the token can it be beat!

You’ll thank me!