how well does the popstar fit in your pocket?


So I want to buy a yoyo that I can put in my pocket so I can take it all over the place. What I don’t want is the yoyo to bulge out in my pocket cause that looks stupid and its feels uncomfortable when I sit down.

I compared several “pocket sized” throws (OD dingo, micro mo, popstar) and i found the YYF popstar to be the smallest (it also fits my personal preferences better).

So what I want to know is how does the popstar look/feel in your pocket? Is it very noticeable in your pocket or can you barely see it? does it feel weird?

Thanks for any help

I’ve never carried a popstar in my pocket but I have carried the dingo. It was no problem but really it has as much to do with how tight your jeans are as the size of the yoyo. I would think the popstar would fit just fine in most pockets.

never bothered me but I didn’t carry if but for a day. Then I realized I hated it.

I wear cargo shorts. I carry my DM2 almost everywhere. No issues.

Actually, I was at my kid’s school and since they are a tobacco free zone(and I have never used tobacco, well, unless you count having to be around my smoking parents…), a teacher asked if I was carrying smokless tobacco. I said “no” and brought out the yoyo. The teacher was amused and said “is that your kid’s” and I said “no, it’s mine!”

Since I’m using the over-sized pockets on the cargo shorts, you can baerly tell I’m carrying anything most of the time. If you’'re wearing “good fitting” pants, you might not have enough room in your pockets to put something like a yoyo in there and have it be comfortable for you. If you’re wearing something a bit loose fitting(but still proper fitting), chances are you’ll be OK. Cargo pants also work well.

For what I do, I hate wearing pants anyways. Cargo shorts rock. Plenty of room, lots of ability to carry stuff, comfortable. Then again, when you’re running a stage and floor for a large event, comfort and practicality are essential. Most guys are wearing cargo shorts or cargo pants anyways out of necessity, or else they are carrying a backpack, tool belt or something else wearable so they can have stuff handy and have their hands free when necessary.

However, if you’re talking about taking your throw to school(k-12), I advise against it. Unless there’s a yoyo club, leave it at home.

depends, like everyone said, on your pants. I have cargo jeans, so it’s not very noticable. But I do sometimes wear regular jeans, so it is noticable, to a small extent. but if you wear skinny jeasn… you shouldn’t have anything in your pockets

In contrast to Studio42, I’m one of those people that wears jeans almost exclusively. I just can’t stand the looseness of shorts.

I also keep a lot of things in my jeans pockets. My EDC (everyday carry) consists of: pocket knife, multitool, flashlight, Swiss Army Knife (back-up multitool), Zippo, cellphone and wallet.

I own both a Popstar and a Dingo and they both fit very nicely in my pockets despite all the other gear that I have. Seriously, they’re tiny, in an awesome way.

Also, I don’t know about the Micro Mo, but the Popstar and Dingo are practically the same size, so don’t count out a Dingo because it’s a teeny bit bigger.

Edit: Btw, I wear moderately skinny jeans.

As you can see, the attire chosen can affect how practical it can be to carry a yoyo.

The Dark Magic II I carry is considered on the larger size of things, so really it’s not suitable for carrying around in a tight pocket. For some strange reason, and it’s mostly coincidental, most of the yoyos I am having arrive are closer to a standard size or undersized. I am also reading about more and more people buying small yoyos for the purpose of being able to carry them around. So, if that’s the case, might I suggest an Aoda Littles or a YYF Mighty Flea? I have both. The Mighty Flea is a bit too hard for me to handle right now due to my relative newness, but that’s why I bought it.

I carry a Gen Yo Mini Star in fairly tight jeans and it’s not bad.

I do have a PopStar too and it’s hardly noticeable. It’s a fun throw!

Get a yoyo holder that clips onto your belt loop.
Doesnt matter if its a TRVTH or a Hop King at that point.
And besides, it makes you look stylish and awesome ya know. Fashion accessory right there.

My popstar fits very well in my pocket and it plays pretty good, but nothing really fast.

the mighty flea can fit your pocket… but you can’t do much with it, unless your these people

these people

It’s more of a fun throw, but I would almost never use it, just because it has the sleep time of my brother on caffeine, first its working, then suddenly it’s not. It can be tons of fun, but like I said, don’t expect to land anything on it

I dont recommend the Popstar. I would go more the Cafe Racer. It fits well in your pocket, and its a great player. I compare the Popstar to a piece of poop. But thats just me.

The St.Eel is so much better.

The thing I like about the mighty flea is it “ain’t gonna take any excuses”. If your form isn’t clean, it’s very unforgiving. If you’re sloppy in your execution, you’re toast. Spin time? I can get a minute’s sleep off it and still bind it back in a front throw.

What I like to do is I start everything with the Dark Magic II. Which, let’s face it, isn’t pocket friendly. After that, I have other choices, and these days even more choices have landed here thanks to BST purchases and a buy YYE order coming sometime next week. But, going with my inventory prior to the 8th, I’d then move to the Aoda Little Guy to see if I still “got it”. If so, I’ll use the mighty flea just to frustrate myself a bit and see how bad I really am.(which, at 4 months, I suck)

Personally, I don’t care for how the popstar looks. But, it’s a popular model and it wouldn’t be popular if it wasn’t decent.

Maybe there should be a whole “undersized” category that’s past the typical undersized category as far as diameter, marketted to the “pocket market”.

Really, one of the appeals of yoyo to me is that the general compact size means to me that it should be something that can slide into a pocket. While I don’t think about that in my purchases, it’s something that I don’t take into consideration due to my choice of attire.

Maybe I should carry a superwide.
“Is that a yoyo in your pocket or you just happy to see me?” Move it, I wanna do an atom smasher!

i have a popstar and ilove it i bought it to bring to school everyday


get a snagglehook or whatever they’re called, or a fast holder, or a werrd whachamacallit. or just make your own with a live strong band, wooden bead, and a carabiner clip.

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Studio42- thanks for the reply but it didnt really answer my question. I was wondering about the popstar not the dm2. i wear jean shorts and casual jeans and the dm2 sucks in both :stuck_out_tongue: However I will test out differnt pants to see which works the best. my sporty loose pants seem to work great.

jayyo- i have two yoyo holders but one of them snapped while i was palying basketball and my yoyo went flying and got a million dings and scratches so i dont like yoyo holders anymore. i dont like the way the yoyo flops around either cause it makes me have to constantly worry about if my expensive throw is still attached haha.

As for the flea. they are definatley small enough but i wont be able to show off my best tricks cause im not good enough to land in that tiny gap. so a flea might be a little too small haha :slight_smile:

and thanks for the replies with the different types of yoyos. i will check them all out.

Uhhh. The player makes the yoyo. Many people, (including myself), can rock a Flea like nobody’s business. As absurd as the Flea may be, don’t blame it for your issues.

As for the popstar, I can suggest it for a pocket throw, but the large bearing makes it unstable and lossy on spin times. Unfortunately, most of the mini yoyos I can suggest also have this issue.

I’d look into the St.Eel if you wanna go a bit pricey, yet quality; the General-Yo Ministar, which also falls in the same area; and the Dingo, which has a shape that grants more usefulness from the C sized bearing.

the saint eel is a little on the pricey side haha. But the reason why im looking into the popstar is cause i dont really need a competiton grade yoyo that will fit in my pocket. i just want something to show off the classics and some modern combos and stuff. but how bad is the unstableness of the popstar? and how long can the thing spin? if it gets a minute of spin time than thats plenty for what im looking for

The player makes the yoyo. In the hands of a decently skilled player, they can get the yoyo to do any trick they would do normally on another yoyo. It’s just a touch tougher because it’s a tad tilty and sensitive. With practice, though, it’s not a problem by any means.

For the price, I’d get it. If you want something that I’d personally prefer over it, I’d look into the Dingo.