Best pocket yoyos

Just wondering what you think the best pocket yo-yo is. I like my Sakura SE

The best pocket yoyo is the Sengoku Masamini.

Not sure I’d call the Sakura SE a pocket throw. And I guess it depends what you mean by best.


I’ve also heard good things about the Masamini and will soon be able to confirm that (I have one on its way :slight_smile: )

Out of the ones I’ve played so far and currently own, I’d have to say the One Drop Dingo. Considering it’s catch zone is very minimal, I found it to still be pretty stable, and slim enough to comfortably fit in your pocket.

While the YYJ Karma is not a mini, but more of an undersized bimetal, it fits the pocket nicely, hardly tell it’s in the pocket right now :slight_smile:

One Drop Yelets with brass dome side effects. Beautiful. Solid as I want it and smooth.

My two favorites are a Custom Yoyo Reactor (semi responsive) and a Little Evil (unresponsive).

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My favorites:

Ace of Spades

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MFD 2Evil. May not really be a pocket throw, but I carry mine around all the time. Long spin time, great finish, very stable, “unique”-ish design.

2evil is awesome!! Don’t know if it’s pocket…PopstAr is fun but not very stable

YYR ClashCube is the best I have tried.

i really want to get a masamini they look awesome

It depends on what you want out of a pocket throw. For me, I like a small yo-yo that plays big, and you forget how small it is, except that it fits in your pocket so nicely. YoyoFactory has done well in this department. If you want something small to toss around, that’s still solid, with great spin time and doesn’t cost a lot ($30), the new Boss is an ideal choice.

Ricochet is number one for me personally, because it plays perfect for such a small throw, with it’s added durability too. But, I realize the price isn’t feasible for some of you. If you can find a Yuuksta second hand, it’s also one of my top picks. I just found another one on Ebay this week. It’s like a pocket sized Genesis, and it plays great too.

The following yo-yos don’t play big, but if you want the throw that fits in your pocket the “best,” it’s a YoyoFactory Flea. But, for most of us, Flea is a challenge because it’s so tiny. Also, you’ll need to modify your string or buy Flea sized string for it. But, if you’re killing time on the go, you might appreciate the challenge of hitting tricks on the Flea. If small size is the most important feature, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also get a YoyoFactory Popstar ($25ish).

The best right now, that is easy on your pocket too, is the new Boss.

I like the SPYY Supra, as well as the One Drop Yelets and Cafe Racer. The String Theory Singularity and Quark aren’t bad either but are pretty solid on the string (no float), in my opinion.

Hopefully someone will release a true pocket throw (small diameter and width) sometime soon…

SPYY Supra? Not sure I would call that a pocket yo-yo.

Depends on the size of your pockets.

Exactly. Maybe mine are Yuuuuuge! Truth be told, I don’t even like carrying a yoyo in my pocket.

The Supra is within 1 or 2 mm of the Yelets in both width and diameter (smaller in diameter, larger in width). It’s as “pocketable” as a Yelets, unless a millimeter or two aggravates some sort of “Princess and the Pea” syndrome one might have.

This looks pretty pocket sized:

I am betting there is a mass contingent of players reviving the 90’s b-boy baggy pants style. ;D

My favourite small pocket throw is my Throwdown Shuriken, it pritty much goes with me everywhere. Its got a really nice weight to it and feels solid on the string. It took me a while to get consistent response with it, I actually settled with one thick and one thin diff pad but once you have it tuned nicely I would highly reccomend it to anyone wanting a practical everyday throw. Also, it plays like a beast!!!

If you can’t get your hands on one though, the yyf popstar is good value for money. I think it feels slightly out of balance in my opinion but its still a great little player. Its pocket friendly too!

JNCO culture represent! 8)

The only thing really clear so far in this thread is very obvious.

There seems to be a Wiiiide latitude of what size a Pocket yoyo can be?

It seems to be whatever size yoyo a person is ‘willing’ to stuff in a pocket. :flushed:

Personally(realistically) I would consider yoyos that are actually ‘small’. As opposed to rationalizing a yoyo is ‘small’ because it is not as ‘large’ as something else that would be even Bigger in a pocket🤔

I guess if you wear Cargo pants that are big enough, you can say a YYF Flight is your favorite pocket yoyo.

My list of pocket size yoyos would read more like this> Original Handquakes… Little Evil… Reactor… Axle… Pop star… St. Eel… Etc.

Those yoyos somewhat fit the category based on ‘being thinner than some others’.

To me, pocket yoyos are yoyos that minimize the Lump Factor.

If you tuck in your shirt and you happen to have a Little evil in your pocket; it is not that obvious. That is a pocket yoyo.

If you wear large Hawaiian shirts(not tucked in) then you can stuff a YYF Monster in your pocket and nobody would even see it. But that sure doesn’t make it a pocket yoyo.

If you tuck in your shirt and stuff a CLYW Orca in your pocket; and it looks like you have a Tumor in your pocket; that in not a pocket yoyo.

That is just something you are willing to Stuff into your pocket.

Go figure.

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