Best pocket yoyos

Walter. :slight_smile:

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lol JNCO popped into my mind to. it would seem they’ve been brought back

I second the Yuuksta, it’s excellent

M1 and Yelets

I had heard they were trying to comeback, but when I check a while back it was still in the works. I know where a chunk of my next paycheck is going!!

If JNCOs come back…imagine how many yoyos you could smuggle in those large pockets…

I will have to agree with Yoyodoc here though, while technically any yoyo can fit in a pocket, there are some that feel more geared to being carried in an average-sized pocket. Thinner, smaller yoyos that don’t make you look like you have a circular tumor bulging out of your thighs.

The Token is small but it’s fairly wide, not making it an ideal throw to stash in the pocket. It will fit better than if I shoved my Aftershock in there but doesn’t have that nice fit in the pocket as my Dingo or Little Evil 2 as they’re much slimmer.

…random note, my Masamini is now officially in CA from Japan. That said, it’s probably going to be hanging out in US Customs for the next few days… :slight_smile:

A great many yoyos listed here aren’t slim enough to be fantastic pocket yoyos, IMO. As others have pointed out, I guess it depends on your pocket…

Clashcube is as wide as its diameter. It’s not very pockety. Other 50mm diameter yoyos mentioned are still on the normal width side, and I wouldn’t want’em in my pocket all day.

Dingo hits the mark because it is narrow. Other minis like the Popstar and Angle XS hit the mark because they’re both small diameter and narrow to boot. Walter works because it is narrow even though its diameter isn’t small.

I mean… unless you’re George Costanza, you can comfortably carry around your wallet in your pocket because despite large surface area, it is not too thick. We can generally carry our phones in our pockets because they are thin, despite huge screens. The diameter of a yoyo has almost nothing to do with whether it is comfortable in a pocket or not.

Darn it!.. I’m George Costanza. :frowning:

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The ILYY Trvth and the TimCor Starfire are the perfect pocket yo-yos, but I think some more undersized yo-yos would offer better performance, especially stability-wise.

My choice would be the One Drop Dingo or RecRev Neaue - Although some larger yo-yos like the X-Cube Teh Yo and Difeyo Gladiator Slave aren’t too bad in the pocket either.

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Just wanted to say thank for this thread and reminding me of the wicked floppy pants I loved so dearly. Ive got 3 pairs of pure badassery en route! No yoyos this paycheck, but i cant tell you how excited I am!

To finally chip in on the OP ??, My vote is a fixed axle Emmitt.

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Most days I’m carrying a Little Evil 2. Fits well in the pocket standing or sitting and plays well enough. But other times I take the Lilliputian. It plays better than the Little Evil 2 and still fits well in my front pocket.

Now that it’s arrived, I can say best performing pocket throw is in fact the Masamini. Fits nicely in my pocket too despite it being a tad wider than the Little Evil 2 and Dingo.

Now I want a masamini…

I need to check out this Masamini

Got my Masamini today. Wow, on a whole 'nother level. Might be the only duplicate yoyo I’ve picked up in a few years.

I’m not sure when they’ll drop on YYE and the rest of the internetz but the pre-orders are already sold out.

I’m really starting to get the hang of this throw, finding the right string length is kinda key here for me. Using a normal length string that I would use on a full size throw feels strange. Too short though and I’ll have no room to work with. I’m about 5"10’ and am using length between waist and belly button,feels the most natural with this.

If it weren’t for car payment (just bought a new set of wheels fresh off the lot, a while 11 miles when I left the lot) I would probably buy a second one, probably in black.

Teh Yo for sure

So, everyone but me has a Masamini?

Doh! I did not get the memo… :’(

SADR fits the bill here.

I’ve spent some quality time with the Masamini over the weekend and I’m actually liking it a lot more now. Definitely not a “novelty/gag” type of yoyo, and I’ve been using this to learn a few moves and explore where normally I would be using a long-spinning H-shape full size throw. The puny 42mm holds its ground and is able to keep right up with the big boys.

When they do drop on here (soon hopefully) you guys who plan on getting one are in for a nice treat.