Best yoyo 45-49mm?


I currently have a Singularity that I’m throwing. I’m enjoying being able to throw it in my pocket. What I don’t enjoy is the mass of the thing.

Is there a way to search this site by diameter at all? I’m not familiar with all the undersized throws and if you don’t know the names it makes it quite difficult to find what you want.

If there’s not a way, any suggestions on sub-50mm yoyos? I’m currently looking at the Dingo and the Popstar. Any others I should be looking for?


To name a few, there’s the C3 token (currently available) , and coming is the masamini.


I have a popstar and i can say its a fun novelty but has some issues in my opinion with tilting. May just be my throw, but its like a rock on a strong. I scored a B grade one for 10 bucks though so its worth it for that reason alone.


The Dingo is amazing fun but the best micro out there is the Masamini.


I have had a Masamini for well over a month.

It is the Best playing small yoyo I have ever touched.

It is simply Amazing.



I can’t wait for when they release (heard early June). I’ve been getting my mini (but playable) yoyo fix on a HSpin/Zeekio Little Evil 2 but I’m pretty sure that Masamini will blow it out of the water.

For those unfamiliar, the Zeekio is 40mm, also pretty narrow so pretty tricky to land tricks with, but easier than the Flea (25mm).


The Yoyorecreation 6 triumphs over many modern day throws I use today. The Messiah of Yoyorecreation holds on par to many modern day throws as well and is more common. If you are on a budget you should try the C3yoyodesign Token.


Probably, but would that be a mini vs a micro? I don’t know the diameter of the Masamini, and I don’t know if the LE2 is a micro or a mini…


40mm (LE2) vs 44mm (Masamini), not sure what range a micro falls under. In the end they’re all tiny.

…wish I knew where I put my Aoda Littles (that was 35mm, kind of between a Flea and the LE2 :slight_smile: )


oh my god no! the token is among the worst yoyo I own!


The dingo is perhaps worse than the token !!! It is very narrow, with little spin and how stability is bad … but how do you give advice like that ???


Dingo is narrower but I felt like it was much more stable.


Have you tried finger spinning the LE2? It works amazingly well! I’m talking with a pull start. I can’t can’t pop it up onto my finger. You just have to find the right amount of pinch vs pull power, but it’s a lot of fun!


I’ll have to give that a spin (pun intended). Brought my LE2 along today fits nicely in a small cargo pocket.


Just played a Doc Pop prototype mini at the OD shop. Absolutely awesome! Be looking for it on Kickstarter.


^Exciting times for the minis!


New doc pop yoyo? Right on