what is your go-to pocket yo-yo?

:slight_smile: mine is the yomega maverick for its small size and for its over all quality. Whats yours? (im pretty new to yoyoexpert so sorry if I mess anything up!)

Ilyy st.eel

@Sniffyo on twitter

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My pockets are typically cargo shorts, so I have big pockets so it could be darn near anything. I mostly carry my throws on a holder on a belt loop.

If I had to go with something small, I’ve got the Magic YoYo N8, I think that one is tiny. The Aoda Magic Pear Ball would be up on that list. The Aoda Littles would probably rank higher as it is super small, but plays exactly like a normal sized yoyo. The Mighty Flea stays at home unless I am going to a meet.

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Whatever fits comfy in my pocket. That being said it could be my Littles, T9, RecRev #9, SCLB, Chaser, or Popstar.

Usually my Dietz or Lyn Fury.

YYF Yuuksta

Small bearing augie 888

OD M1, DV888 and YYF OneStar.

Usually when I go out I bring my Lyn Fury. A metal if I will be with friends.

Probably PSG.

just what ever, every single yoyo I own is a pocket yoyo. (well sling/holster yoyo)

The Epic.

Nice size, and the side caps are pretty insane.



All my yoyos are either mid-sized for full sized and one of them is always in my pocket sooooooo all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

My Popstar, or my Dingo. They seem to be just the right size for me.

For pocket carry, I love my ministar and/or a Crucial Half and Half.

CLYYW Campfire, or YYJ MiniMotu, or YYJ Hitman Pro. Most of the time. Good question.

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I usually bring my K-os

Phenom, Seipnir, Stargazer, LevII and now Positron…basically, the one which is the closest to me when I go out ;D