What's that one yoyo you always take with you?

Whats just that one yoyo you take everywhere with you?
And why?

For me its my Wooly Marmot. Its probably my most reliable yoyo, and since its not full sized, it fits in my pocket rather well. I just love that thing, and since it wasnt mint when I got it, Im not gonna be mad when if I dent it.

beat up superstar

I carry around my Markmont Next all of the time. I just love that thing. It’s easily my most used yoyo.

Was my Proto’ until cracked now it’s the Asteroid.

Xcubed La Goutte mainly but as of late me Deadly Spins Wrath

Still carrying my DM2, despite taking a few falls from a yoyo holder with a defective latch.

Flashy enough to catch attention, good weight and size. Always in my holder and on me everywhere I go except theme parks.

It depends. If I’m going out and riding my bike somewhere and there is a chance my yoyo could get dinged, probably my PSG. Actually a lot of times it’s my PSG. Sometimes I either bring my Yuuksta, because it’s small, or my Code 2.

I usually bring my code 1 since it has a couple dings, or my delrin TA-1S

Why not theme parks?

insert evil laugh

Thanks to YoYoExpert’s compartment bags i always have these with me:
YYF Grind Machine on my YYF Fast YoYo Holder that’s on my keychain.
One Drop Cascade on my single holster.

7 storage compartment bag
One Drop Code 2
One Drop Dietz
Shinwoo Dolphin
Magic YoYo N5 Desperado
Duncan Drifter
C3 YoYo Design Token
Yomega Maverick
2 Duncan Bumble Bees
Duncan Proyo
Duncan Pro Z
Duncan Zombie Freehand
The 7th component is HUGE so that’s were the plastics go and the maverick.

I need another bag for more stuff on the way but the 7 compartment fits nicely on my belt.
I can YoYo and teach anywhere hahaha!

I don’t usually stick to one yoyo, but usually I’ve been taking the spyy addiction with me. It has a narrow shape that conceals it more in my pocket. Yes, i have a dingo, but I like the addiction more.

54 or FH2. Soon it will be my Code1 and some wooden yoyo.

YYF superstar or code 2

Got enough going on there. Wife, kids, camera and other stuff. Plus, security gives me crap about it. I just leave it at the hotel and throw there. The concern is that someone else could get hurt.

Dv888 outside of work. Avalanche at home. I keep a magic t6 in my desk at work in case I get the urge to throw during lunch.

Markmont.Next because of size, playability, and it’s already beat to death. :slight_smile:

I try to use all my yoyos equally but more often then not I reach for my supernova.

I have a pretty best up Popstar that I carry in my pocket. Despite my preference for full sized throws, I can’t say enough good things about it. Almost feels like a full sized one on the string.

For me it’s a modded freehand zero.

Dark Magic II. I keep it on a Werrd yoyo holder I found on the yoyoexpert site. It’s always hooked to my pants.