How do you carry your yo-yo's?

Okay, so I see people posting pictures of these big briefcase sized cases and I think to myself, “Do people actually care that around with them? Why do they need that many with them?” I understand for like going to a tournament where you can trade and sell and show off collections and stuff but what about for everyday. I wanted to know how you carry your daily yo-yo. Do you use the belt clips, lug your huge case and collection, or simply toss it in your pocket. Let me know what you guys do.

I usually throw it in a pocket. But that’s just me.

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I am a pocket dude, How many yo-yo’s do you really need when going to the grocery store?

I use a belt clip.
Or toss them into my bag.
I dont like carrying my genesis on my jeans pocket. Looks really odd. Lol.

Im only carry my yoyo case to tounament or competition, or maybe to a yoyo meet.

Pocket, two of my pants have the famous snusboxmark.

I clip yoyo a belt loop and you spelt carry wrong

Yoyo holder ftw.
If I put it in my pocket I don’t want everyone to think i’m, uh… happy.

i usually carry it in a cargo pocket or something when i can wear shorts. i never carry it in jeans, that bent the axle on my legacy. plus i get tired of the rednecks at my school asking me for dip… :stuck_out_tongue:

Zippered jacket pockets ftw :smiley:

Lol you spelled spelt wrong. Just saying.

I carry mine in pockets, jeans or hoodie usually. I almost always carry around 3 or 4 yoyos: 2 relics for 2a, something for 1a (and 4a) and somthing for 5a.

Pockets or my Backpack.

Haha ya, I wish it was shorts weather here. It’ll be so much nicer to have big deep pockets again so iI can throw all the time. Sorry to hear about your Legacy, Thats to bad. :’(

Haha Dang man you really carry a ton of throws with you. I like the variety though. Its pretty cool.

Haha Yeah man, I’ve been using the pockets on the side of my backpack that are supposed to be for drinks. They work pretty well I would say.

Haha Nice Matt. I was thinking about getting a holder. Do you ever feel like it’s going to fall out of it or anything like that?

Thanks for the answers guys. Keep them coming!

Pockets ftw

Pocket, or the little water-bottle holder on the side of my backpack. I have a big case, but that’s for contests and home, so I can keep organized.

i have a muffin tin i put my yoyos in for my house. when i go somewhere im all about pockets

i use the yyf fast holder

A bloop that I made but I usually carry them in pockets.

My pocket, on days I wear hoodies.
If not, I just toss it in my backpack. :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s just when I’m in school.

Nope, not if you put it in front of you. Thats just me though.

Haha that’s good to hear. What holder do you use? The fast holder or something else?

What do you think of it? Does it hold it sturdy?

I made my own. :stuck_out_tongue: