How you carry your throws?


Hi! I would love to see how do you carry your throws with you when you go out. It it simple yoyo holder, piece of string or something more sophisticated? I am looking for solution for myself, but I don’t like my throw to be fully exposed while simply hanging by my side, unprotected and potentially hitting things around me.


I put em in my pockets, but I rarely bring my throws out. I tend to play at home only.


I have them holstered on my side with a yyf holder or a homemade one.


I like to use MFD pouches that come with their yoyo’s. I think they’re perfect.


I have a holster(yyf) but recently made some out of used string. Like tripleone though, I rarely play outside of home or club meets. I usually just don’t impromptu throw.


My earlobes are stretched the size of C bearings, I could prolly screw a yoyo back together through my ear and carry it around like that? Haha I don’t think I’d go out like that though, might just keep using my pockets :stuck_out_tongue:

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??? Seems painful…

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Rewind yoyo case for carrying around my 2 throws for the day in my bag to and from where ever im going, and Unknown Ascender loop holder for carrying around my main during the day when i get to where im going, usually work.


laptop bags.
I get them at the SA for a dollar or 2.
3 full now.


Nowadays I just YYF Holster mine. (the bungee loop off of the belt)

If you are looking for a method of carrying your yoyo that is a bit more subtle than the conventional belt-loops, grenade pouches work perfectly.

The Yoyo Concealed Carry…


Tactical Molle PALS SINGLE Frag Grenade Pouch NIP Carrier Molle Pouches-BLACK
got one off Amazon for less then $8.


Great idea! I have been thinking about camera lens cases, but no belt loop or carabiner clip usually.


If I’m wearing a jacket it goes in my jacket pocket. If in wearing pants or shorts with belt loops, it goes on a holster. If I’m not wearing either of those, I ask my girlfriend very nicely if she’ll put it in her purse.



Inside a lunch box, cuz I don’t have anything else😅


Yes! Double use: for my airsoft load out and yoyoing!

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Pocket :stuck_out_tongue:


That is actually a wonderful idea! Thanks!

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Agreed. I bet there are gonna be an incease of sales of this paticular item, and some warehouse worker is going to think something bads about to happen. hahaha


How come I didn’t think of that…


I dont know anyone that yo’s.My buddys think I’m an idiot!Just got a hardcase that holds 36.
Smaller yo,or a small case.
Watch Ann’s vid on what she goes on tour with.


I either throw them in my pocket or in my bag (I usually carry a laptop bag to and from work with a work paid-for laptop). I practice on lunch or just waiting for the printer to work. Basically anywhere with enough space.