The most functional way to carry your throw.

I recently got a grenade pouch as referenced in a couple other threads because I wanted something that would hold my throw and keep it covered so it would be less likely to get dinged or ding other stuff.

I will readily admit that this pouch does not look nearly as cool as some of the Unknown holders, but it is a fourth the price and keeps the yoyo covered. It also has lots of places to add other things.

So, I’m going to do this with a simple list of advantages of this pouch.

  1. It keeps the yoyo enclosed.
  2. It has LOTs of places to stash stuff.
    a. Inside there is webbing for a bobby pin to use as a pick.
    b. The same webbing is great for stuffing a guitar pick for removing old pads.
    c. The outside straps work well for extra string.
    d. The hole in the bottom works well for zip tie picks with a t top.
  3. Since it snaps on and off, you don’t have to take your belt off to remove it.
  4. It rides higher than the dangling holsters, so you can keep your throw from running into so much stuff.
  5. It fits almost any throw with room to spare, but it’s not baggy.
  6. It’s cheap. Mine was 6 or 7 bucks including shipping.

I’m attaching some pics, and I guess if there is enough interest I could make a short video.

(Note to Admin - I thought this should go here instead of in the review section, because my goal is more to raise awareness of the product, than to critique it. That said, if you guys think it should be moved, then that’s cool with me.)

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Adding Pics

Sorry. It only lets me do this one at a time…


Other inside…


I like that idea for a yoyo I want to carry around but still protect - However, that describes virtually none of my yo-yo’s. Pretty much the second I decide to leave the house with a yo-yo, I essentially accept that if it goes through a blender while out and about with me, I am cool with it. So I tend to go the descender route (or a pocket, or jangling around with the change at the bottom of my manly-man-bag).

But that is pretty rad, regardless.


Yeah, mostly I agree.
I did have problems with my yoyo running into and damaging other things though like furniture, cars, people, and that was a motivating factor. :smiley:

Looks like it’s too late for that yoyo! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should see my others :smiley:

Where did u get it?

Well I can’t post a link because the forum rules prohibit it.
But if you searched for a molle grenade pouch, you should get a lot of options.

Skinny jeans are popular nowadays, pair that with yoyos that tend to go bigger and wider nothing fits in the pocket anymore.
This is great.

It took a minute, but I went back and found the exact one I ordered.
It’s called: Tactical Molle PALS SINGLE Frag Grenade Pouch NIP Carrier Molle Pouches-BLACK
It was mentioned in another thread. But, either way, if you just goolge the full name you can probably find it.

Any chance to be confiscated by the airport authorities thinking it has an actual grenade in it? :smiley:

I hope I don’t find out!

Fun side note, it is interesting to see the look on people’s faces when they ask what it is, and I say it’s a grenade pouch.

I have one of these as well and its great, but i recently got a rewind case and its all i ever use now. Its not really much bigger than the grenade pouch but you can stick two throws in it along with strings and picks and its super protective. Although its still a lot cooler to walk around with a grenade bag ;D

Lookout! I’m about to blow this joint up with my tricks!

That is a nice one. I don’t have one because it looks like it clips to a belt loop instead of on your belt.

I tend to loose belt-loops with things like that.