High-End YoYo Holsters?

I’ve seen the Ascender holster, and just got a Bapezilla 2 that came with the Anti-Yo pouch. But I’m wondering what else is out there that might be cool? Tonight I stumbled upon this rad YoYoAddict x PORTER x G1950 YoYo Case, but $115 to get it the US seems kinda steep… Anyone know of anything similar to this? Thanks!

grabs sewing machine

Cool thanks! Post some photos of what you manage to throw together!

I’ve been looking at tactical bags for my laptop and while looking into the molle gear system I noticed grenade holders would be nice for holding yoyo’s

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!! I’ll be looking into these, thanks so much!

thats a pretty original idea buddy, very cool,ive been looking into bucnh of things to hold throws on the go for awhile now, legodudester makes really awesome cyclops yoyo holters,you should give him a PM and ask him to make you one,they are really awesome,and TotalArtist is a creator of holsters herself,hit her up to see what she has ran across as well.

This one has a clip as well as the ability to put it on a belt or backpack strap. Got it from another site for like $15, just search for yoyo pouch.

This is the style i really want to track down, no idea why they aren’t being made:

because they dont protect the yoyo and take more material than a fast-like holder

They protect the yoyo a lot more than your typical loop holster that people use that lets the yoyo swing and bump into everything… I suppose if you frequently walk into walls or cut corners too sharp you might damage the yoyo, other than that i don’t see where the issue would be.

Why are you guys carrying around yoyos that you’re concerned about damaging, anyways?

I have one of those, made by Spintastics. Love it, but haven’t found where to buy it. It was given to me by Dale Oliver, so I didn’t buy it.

to uh… impress… people…

That’s outrageous.

YoYoExpert Small Bag (holds 2 yoyos)

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You can find small bags that might work for you at:

Let’s see, if you want to carry two yoyos…then…well…that’s a savings of $211.01! Plus you get that sweet YYE logo!

to play with them…i think…maybe i need a paper weight on the fly,you dun know muh life :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought two grenade holsters for my tactical bag, ill let you know how it turns out!

sweet,i would like to know how those are,and since im quoting you, i looked in my back[pack today after work man,and my rally was cracked X_X straight doo doo muh dude,plays fine bbbut its a biggen,some had to knock my backpack off the hook at work,those buttwipesX_X
lemme know if those work well for protection though,which i would think they would,they are for grenades XD

Nuuuuu, not the rally! That thing was a beast! But honestly, i don’t think they would do much for protection, nothing really will, unless it was a mini hard case.

What do you do for work?

line cook for outback steakhouse -_- , they man handled my stuff X_X but i guess thats what i get for bringing him to work,shoulda kept him in my pocket,its still great though the metal rims are holding it fine,but its still a deep crack X_X,but still smooth,gotta love great manufacturing ;D