High-End YoYo Holsters?

just bought two of these thanks for the suggestion! 6.95 a peace.

I wrote a review on the Condor MA15 Frag grenade holster:

I know it can be a matter of preference for people, but I’ve never had a yoyo that wouldn’t fit in my front pocket of my pants/jeans.

Even when I was on an H5 x Chief kick…

granted, I don’t wear skin-tight jeans or anything, but I also don’t wear anything super baggy.

I dunno, I always just figured that God made pockets for yoyos and vice versa.


Yeah, It feels so soothing to have a yoyo in my pocket, even when I don’t use it. But these days my pockets seem to be full, and when i’m riding my bike I am always afraid that it is going to come out of my pocket. :-\

XD he did give me does pockets for yoyos XD i dont wear any “skinny” jeans either, i like having something to keep a yoyo from debris on the go, i have very long hair and 3 cats,which gives me prettty bad luck with hair in my strinsg to bearings when they ride around in my pocket,so ill usually keep them in my pack, but now im alil reluctant to,because of those brutes i work with X_X,hows that dulce treating you buddy?