Which YoYo Holder Do You Use?

I’m curious because I’ve seen several options for clipping the yoyo to a belt loop, but I’ve always wondered which one is the most durable option. I’m not a fan of the holster, the one that hangs is cooler. I found a leather holder that looks nice, but expensive. Just wondering… Please let me know if you have one you’re happy with. Upload a photo if possible. Thanks.

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my pocket.

Leaves too much of a bulge unless it’s my jacket…I’d rather clip it if possible. I’m curious about that clip option lol.

I’m using the Werrd carrier.


No problems!

I also use a YYE Medium bag, my pockets, my backpack, plastic bags, and other stuff. I’m also ordering a large 72-yoyo carry case within a few hours.

I was considering that one and wondering how secure that ball is. Sounds like a good option to me now.  I’ve been seeing so many of these, some with a rubber band type deal, and some that people are making and selling.  Hmmm…72 yoyo carry case sounds awesome, bet that’s a pretty penny too, but it sounds great.  Definitely post when that arrives…I’d love to see.  Thanks for the response.

I carry my DM2 on my side constantly with the Werrd one. I intend to make my own since I have my own Studio42 silicone wrist bands, I just need some beads and cheap carabiners to make it happen. Depending on the size of the yoyo, you may not NEED to adjust the bead down to secure it, but I suggest everyone does because, well, it at least will help keep the string from getting all messed up. This isn’t really a big deal. Unwind, snap start, get throwing! Since the ball is WOOD on rubber, it sticks pretty much right where you put it.

The only thing keeping me from ordering that case is my wife. She has my credit card and the place doesn’t take PayPal! She knows I’m getting it soon anyways. I’ve been lazy on posting review stuff(like updating my YYE Medium bag review with photos), so don’t expect miracles, but I am pretty good on the PM’s! I should have the case for my “yoyo meets” next weekend. I can’t wait to cover it with stickers. But, chances are it’s gonna be audio gear stickers!

Well clips and straps can cause some serious damage to the yo and the objects the yo bumps into plus it doesn’t get you enough attention. I have a better option for those of you using straps, it’s called the Yo Headbanger Band. All you need is a head band, place the yo between the band and your forehead and you are set! You can even keep gloves and extra strings in there and if it gets cold out, just pull it down over your ears! The yo never bumps into anything, unless you fall on your face. You will love how ridiculous you look. This is the answer for every anti-conformist. :wink:

Actually I’ve never used a clip or strap. I find that anything tied, hooked, or attatched to my belt always gets damaged. I would never risk doing that to a yo. I’m surprised at how well they work for so many people.

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Toxic String yo-yo holder

Would love to get a studio yoyo holder. Let me know

You raise a good point, and I agree. I was thinking the same must be true, but I was planning to carry my SR-71 in the clip. I have it in 3 different colors intending to get one banged up just for carrying it around. I know it will get dinged up, but it will be a “carry yoyo,” and I’ll keep the other two mint for awhile. I have a small case of yoyos that I don’t mind getting damaged, but the vast majority I like to keep near mint. I suggest others do the same if they will be using a holder.

I carried my DM2 on my during my 4 day marathon of shows for SacAnime from load-in and load-out and the yoyo came out fine. I would NOT advise carrying around something you intend to keep in mint condition. It should be a yoyo you use a lot and has lots of love marks all over it. That’s my DM2. It is my favorite, but I’ll get another DM2 sometime soon and keep in near-mint condition but will only be played indoors and over grass.

My DM2 is my go-to yoyo. I like to keep it handy and available. It’s on my loop in the holder every day when I take my kids to school and when I pick them up. It goes with my darn near everywhere, such as to the mall earlier today and then to the “yoyo meet”. Everywhere I go, pretty much it goes. I had a black-tie event on the 11th, and again, it was with me, at least until I had to put on a suit(gah, I hate dress-up!).

I’ve been using the same F.a.s.t holder for almost six months now, since i started yoyoing. Its beat to heck and frayed and about done for. I just ordered the werrd holder, should be here monday. I use the heck out of the holder, it’s perfect. I put my yoyo on it then stick the yo in my back pocket so it doesn’t swing around and bang into stuff. I’ve scratched a few metals that way. That’s really all you gotta look out for.

Interesting you mention the life span for the FAST holder. I figured it would be about six months if worn a lot. I guess since they are cheap you still get your money’s worth. I wish there were more options, and less toy looking options (best way to put it). Yoyos can cost up to hundreds of dollars, so I’m surprised there aren’t a few more better options like leather holders that might last forever. The one I thought I found appears to not be real leather. I’m still looking around though…

made this one myself, wasn’t going to spend money ;D.
I also made one that I gave away to someone, and they liked it.
Nobody else make there own? Just need shoelace, one of those things you get on coats that have a button to push and stop things falling off (I know, that description sucks), and a carabina.

I use the Fast Yo-yo Holder and my Pockets. I also have the Yomega carrying case.

My friend uses the YYE Two Yo-yo Bag and attaches it to his backpack. For yo-yo necessary events he then switches to the four yo-yo holder.

I’m going to resort to making my own leather one. I found most of the hardware and the few tools needed. It will take a few weeks, but I’m going to go for it. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.

I used the FAST holder until I rode my bike with it and it dinged up my JK, but it’s okay that thing was dinged up before it I even opened the package. (Why YYF would think it was a great idea to ship a plastic bag with a JK,Multi-Tool,YoYo holder, and stickers with no boxes or packing materials is beyond me. But hey I did buy it for a B-Grade rate.)

Werrd holder or a pouch i made (loops onto belt)
i thought the same thing about messing up my yoyo with the holder, but i so far (surprisingly) haven’t had any problems. i clip it on my belt right above my front left pocket.

I just use my pocket. Especially my front pocket on my coat.